Tuesday, December 30, 2014

PHOTOS – Top 20 most pirated movies in 2014 – MetroNews

After the most downloaded series, up to feature films. No real surprise, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the Disney cartoon “The Snow Queen” was the most pirated movies of the world in 2014 with some 30 million illegal downloads each, according to a filing cabinet Consulting Excipio.

The return of “RoboCop,” directed by José Padilha, is in third place with 29.8 million downloads, while the space drama “Gravity” by Mexican Alfonso Cuaron, who had amassed seven Oscars earlier this year, lifted its 29.4 million downloads, according to rankings published Monday in the American media.

Special mention to superhero movies

superhero films occupy ten of the top twenty places on this list, including “Thor: The Dark World,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, ” X-Men: Days of Future Past “and” Hercules. “, each downloaded between 24.4 and 27.6 million times

The best film of the year at the recent Oscars,” 12 years has slave “, for his part, was hacked 23.6 million times, while” American Hustle “and” Captain Phillips “among the most nominated films at the ceremony of the prestigious golden statuettes last year, the ‘were respectively 23.1 and 19.8 million times

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