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Live – Obama: the US “answer” to attack Sony – Liberation

The key

• Threatened attacks by anonymous messages, Sony Pictures has canceled the release of The Interview , the Christmas comedy Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg mocks the North Korean dictatorship. The master-singers welcome this.

• The US government officially accused Pyongyang of having sent these threats led the cyber attacks against Sony and circulates the secrets of the Internet the major.

20:30. President Barack Obama pledged Friday that the United States’ counter Korea North they accuse of being behind a giant cyber attack against the Sony film studio. “They have caused a lot of damage and we will respond. We will respond in a proportionate manner and will respond at a time, at a place and in a manner we choose, “ has warned the US president at a press conference.

It has however ruled that another country had acted with Pyongyang. “We have no indication that North Korea was working with another country, “ said Barack Obama.

8:05 p.m.. For President Barack Obama, Sony made “error” by canceling the film Interview “We can not allow a dictator start imposing censorship in the US” . Obama had tried to calm the day before yesterday, advising its citizens not to fear the threats of attack and to continue to go to the movies. “Sony should have talked to me before making its decision” , has he added tonight.

19.30. “Our country has no connection with this hacker” is defending North Korea by the voice of a political adviser to North Korea at the UN in New York, Kim Song .

5:50 p.m.. That’s it, it’s official. The FBI has just said: “The result of our investigation, in close collaboration with the departments and agencies of the US government, is that we have enough evidence to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible these actions. “

The agency cites three major indices which allowed him to make the accusation. First, the software used in the hacking are related to “other programs including the FBI knows that they were developed by North Korean actors.” Next, IP addresses from the North Korean digital infrastucture were found in the traces left by hacking. Finally, hacker tools are similar to those used against South Korean banks last year in attacks carried out by North Korea.

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4:50 p.m. The case escalates. According to CNN, a new message was sent hackers tonight managers to Sony Pictures, welcoming the decision “very wise” to cancel the release of The Interview and recalling they are always full of sensitive data on hand if Sony would cause them “new problems” .

“Now, we require that you Never let the film come out, fuiter or be distributed in any form whatsoever, including DVD or through hacking, write pirates. And we want everything about the film, his tapes -annonces and its complete version, to be removed immediately from all hosting websites. “ Hmm …” All websites “will not necessarily be as obedient as Sony, dear hackers.

4:15 p.m.. “To be honest, I dread the prospect of watching The Interview , written Gaby Hinsliff in the Guardian . Not that she fears North Korean retaliation, but “Judging from the trailer, this is the kind of crass stupidity and child who deserves a babysitter session and a bucket of popcorn. “ Nothing to impose a comedy forces to which it is not sensitive, one is tempted to answer columnist. But “just as we felt compelled to order the book Spycatcher in Australia when the Thatcher government was censured, we feel compelled to watch the movie if it comes out one day Sony offices. This hacking is an act of pure political censorship, an attack on freedom of expression that threatens books, articles and much better film than this. We can not let them win. “

It is interesting to note that Gaby Hinsliff is not the only one to doubt the quality of the film. In one of the emails stolen by hackers, we read the opinion of Sony Pictures boss in the UK, Peter Taylor: “The general view here is that it is a new miss. Apart from one or two times when the comedy works (the passage with Eminem is excellent), it remains desperately funny and repetitive. “ James Franco, who plays one of the lead roles, takes a beating “character would have been more seductive and comic out of his hands.” Fun

15h. In the family Furious, I ask George RR Martin. The well-known author of the saga of the Game of Thrones wrote on his blog his anger before the “cowardice” of the film industry: “Really I need regular. REALLY? These gigantic majors who might buy North Korea with their pocket money cancel a movie because Kim Jong-un is not to be made fun of him? This level of cowardice stunned me. Fortunately, these guys were not there when Chaplin did The Dictator . If Kim Jong-un scares, Hitler would have shit in their pants. “

Martin also wrote he would be delighted to project The Interview to the cinema Jean Cocteau Santa Fe, a room he bought and renovated in 2013. It has also tried to set it Team America , the movie from the creators of South Park, but has refused by Paramount (as Texan operator, see below). “I think I should contact our new North Korean masters ask them what movies I have the right to pass Cocteau.”

2:35 p.m.. This is probably a matter of days before the The Interview is found in full on peer-to-peer networks … Tonight, an extract of the film briefly surfaced on YouTube before being removed for violating copyright. And not just any excerpt: its just the death of Kim Jong-un, in slow motion, in a gigantic explosion. However, it is possible that this is an old version of the scene, rejected by Sony as too violent. In one of the leaked emails, director Seth Rogen wrote have “removed the hair fire and the wave face pieces” on request of the CEO of Sony. “Tell me it’s over now” , he concluded, apparently tired of his film touch

13h. A Texan cinema operator wanted to be clever by replacing the projections of The Interview , the output is canceled by the puppet film Team America: World Police. A work of the creators of South Park , no kinder to North Korea that the comedy of Seth Rogen. Unfortunately, the Paramount is not quite agree … and refuses to deliver copies of the film at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. “The Team America projection is canceled , the operator announced tonight. We will refund spectators who purchased their ticket. “ Paranoia still has a bright future ahead of it.

24:30. In an interview with Deadline, George Clooney explains why, according to him, the hackers who attacked Sony are called “Guardians of Peace”: “The” peacekeepers “is a phrase uttered by Richard Nixon when he visited China. Asked why he wanted to help South Korea, and he replied, “because we are the guardians of peace. ‘”

The actor also said to have written a petition support for Sony announcing that hackers Staff would not give to fear and refuse to give them a ransom. But no celebrity has wanted to sign, afraid to publicly support the president of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal. The boss has indeed been humiliated by the flight of his emails, peppered with insults and racist jokes. Clooney analyzes the tactics of hackers: “It is embarrassing that no one wants to pull his side. That joke about Obama’s story was used as a weapon of fear, not only to keep people away from Amy, but also to terrorize themselves. They know what they have written in their own mails “, and they would not want it too runs … ” It’s brilliant. “

12. If all these shenanigans are a major promotional campaign for The Interview , it is clearly too far. The spokesman Josh Earnest US government spoke last night at the White House, calling the Sony case “serious about national security” . If he was careful not to name North Korea, suspect # 1, it indicates that the investigation into the attack on Sony servers “progressing” the FBI and the Justice Department.

11:50. Thanks! Sony Pictures released this morning a new trailer for The Interview , while the staff is trying to forget the existence of the film for two days (she even deleted all references on its website …). Video stayed only a few minutes on YouTube, but Internet users have had time to copy and put online on their own account. That would boost the theory of almost publicity stunt.

10:30. The Quebec cartoonist Guy Delisle regrets that the film adaptation of his comic Pyongyang is canceled, collateral victim of threats to Sony.


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