Friday, December 19, 2014

The United States seeks to replicate the hacking of Sony Pictures – The World

A poster of & quot; The Interview & quot; ground The film was deprogrammed under pressure from unidentified hackers..

The spokesman of the US executive, Josh Earnest, said the US government was considering ” a set of options “ should be “appropriate” and “proportional” in response to what he called “serious matter of national security” . Tens of thousands of documents were stolen when hackers end of October.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) had decided to cancel the release of “The Interview” , a satirical comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, after the hacker group that claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, the GOP has threatened to attack the cinemas broadcasting the film.


Washington, however, refuses to officially assign relatives of the attack in Korea north, while Wednesday members of the US administration said anonymously to the press that investigators have established that Pyongyang had “sponsored” the attack. The North Korean regime has denied being behind piracy but called “legitimate act” .

A source at Sony told AFP that “appears” that the attack was orchestrated by the Communist regime. The federal police (FBI) is expected to speak on the subject soon

Read our explanations. The hacking Sony really he just North Korea



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