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The gravelly voice of Joe Cocker became extinct – The World

Born in Sheffield, an industrial city in northern England, Cocker had become known in the 1960s for his gravelly voice and has signed several tubes mixing rock and blues as his resumption of You Can Leave Your Hat On of Randy Newman or With a Little Help From My Friends, his Beatles cover that made him famous when he was foaming pubs in his hometown, and he interpreted (see video) at festival Woodstock in 1969.

In a tweet, Ringo Starr, former drummer of the “Fab Four”, has also paid tribute to his compatriot.

(Translation: “Goodbye and God bless Joe Cocker, from one of his friends. Peace and Love. “)

Paul McCartney has meanwhile expressed his ” sadness “ in a statement. “It was a lovely northern guy I loved, I loved his singing. I was thrilled when he decided to do a cover of “With a little help from my friends” “, said Sir Paul.

The singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, he also paid tribute

. (Translation: “We have always loved you and we will miss you forever.”)


During his career, Joe Cocker recorded 23 studio albums, including ” Fire It Up “, his latest, released in 2012. For more than five decades, he signed the songs that ended among the best sales, beginning in the 1970s, with You Are So Beautiful , written with Billy Preston. This is also the period in which he faces his first addiction problems. In 2012, he confided to American radio NPR 2012.

“In the early 1970s, drugs and alcohol are invited. Often when we are young and did in fact, you do not realize how hard it is to get over, once plunged. “

Neither talent nor his success allowed him to be welcomed to the Hall of stars, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A curiosity whose singer Billy Joel was moved last September during a concert in New York.

For years, Joe Cocker lived in Colorado where he had ridden with his wife Pam, the Cocker who Kids’Foundation helps young people. It was there, surrounded by his family, he lived his last moments

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