Saturday, August 29, 2015

A French prepares future Mars missions – FranceTV info


Objective Mars. The rocky soil of Hawaii Volcano (United States) 2500 m above sea level is the place on earth that most resembles the soil of the Red Planet. This is where six scientists, including astrobiologist 25 Cyprien Verseux will spend a year in conditions that will face missions to Mars pioneers.
“We will eat dehydrated food, it will be entitled to only a few minute shower a week to save water. We will have no communication with the outside. The hardest part will never be outside “, comments the French .

The outputs of the dome housing that is only 11 meters will be in diving. On Mars, it’s -60 degrees and you are exposed to cosmic radiation.
NASA will observe primarily the behavior of the team. The first start for March is expected in 2030.

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