Saturday, August 15, 2015

VIDEOS. Disney unveils new products and treats his fans – Le Parisien

.. an update on the upcoming film Disney / Pixar.

Hilarious short film about the emotions that run through the mind of Riley, the heroine of “Vice Versa” but especially her father when her boyfriend comes for the first time look at her. In the bonus DVD “Vice Versa”, available early October.

The Epic of small dinosaur Arlo, who lost her father and finds himself far from home. He will make a human friend, a baby who behaves like a puppy. Released November 25, 2015.

“Zootopie” tells the iconoclastic duo in a city pet rabbit zealous of a police and a sly fox, forced to team up on an investigation. Released in 2016. The sisters Anna and Elsa back for the sequel phenomenon of Disney – highest grossing studio for an animated film, $ 1.3 billion in theaters besides the astronomical sales of derivatives. He also won two Oscars. With a creative team similar to the first album, the second film has yet to release date.
Finally, a sequel to “Finding Nemo,” thirteen years later. Dory, Nemo friend to memory problems and his father, goes a long journey to find his family. It is interpreted by the star presenter Ellen de Generes which called a straight on his show regularly for years. Also with the voice of Diane Keaton and Series stars “Modern Family,” the film will be released in June 2016.
- Pixar Animation Studios
  • The end of World Princess

The story of a young Polynesian princess who embarks on a daring journey to prove to the world that it is a great explorer. Love the ocean, she befriends Maui, half man half god played by the charismatic Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. Released in November 2016.

 - Disney

Directed by creative director of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios John Lasseter, the fourth installment in the saga of toys that come to life to tell the story ‘ love Woody, the cowboy wood, and the beautiful Bo Peep doll. Released in June 2017.

 - Pixar Animation Studios

Inspired by the famous children’s tale” Jack and the Beanstalk “, this film set in Spain during the great explorations is inspired by the feast of Mexican deaths. It has yet to release date. - WALT DISNEY STUDIOS ANIMATED
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