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Shots in a Thalys train controller testifies – Le Parisien

August 23, 2015, 17h00 | Updated: August 23, 2015, 6:11 p.m.

The story Event responds directly to the testimony of Jean-Hugues Anglade presented in the media since Saturday.

“We heard some noise. I went to see. At the toilet I saw two men bickering (Editor’s note: presumably the French 28, and the shooter, if one believes the scenario experienced events) . At first I did not really reacted, fights happen on the train. I thought it was a drug problem. “

” And then I saw that one of them had a pistol in his hand and what appeared to be a gun around his neck . They were about to fight. I tried to move, I was thrown to the ground, “said the controller who admits not having seen following the scene.

” The person who opened the bathroom door (Editor’s note: the French) is a party to the car number 13, and I was left facing the individual. He pointed with his revolver. Then he returned to the car number 12. It happened very quickly. Taking a bit of a head I saw that people threw themselves on him, “apparently the Franco-American, the three Americans and the British who neutralized.

Plan of the car 11, the last car of the train.

car Plan 12, second last car of the train.

“I have alerted my direction so that provides assistance to wounded “

Michel Bruet then returned to his attitude and that of the entire Thalys staff during the event:” I have not seen my friend go, he recognizes . When I got up the man was overpowered. I hastened to pull the alarm, I made contact with the driver to tell him what was happening in my train. I called my direction so that we can provide assistance to the injured. Man being mastered I asked for help and the police services. “

The controller said it had requested a TGV station stop Haute-Picardie. The train was eventually diverted to Arras, which was “wiser” he considers. Michel then Bruet disclaims been idle: “Meanwhile I have traveled many times my train. I informed the travelers finally I have not informed, I said that we should not worry about it. I have not disclosed information to say that it happens something very serious on the train. I did not want them to panic, “says the controller to justify the lack of information that some travelers complained.

The hostesses who fled would be part of the staff restoration

 When France Info journalist asked about the accusations of actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, said controller does not understand the behavior of the actor: “Me I was aboard my train, I spoke with Mr. Anglade, I offered to help, I have proposed the emergency kit to people who were in car 12. Mr. Anglade was driving 11, the incident was 12 car. “

“The panic catering staff has little to do with the control personnel.” The hostess said that the actor having seen running and he denounces the behavior would therefore be responsible members of staff distribute meals and drinks in first class by the controller, and in no case control staff itself. Finally, Michel Bruet “does not understand why Mr. Anglade this behavior vis a vis the Thalys personnel.”

The actor Guillaume Pepy has to meet him, the head of the SNCF in the day. He promises the leader a “clear and uncompromising” testimony.

AUDIO. Interview with Michel Bruet, the controller Thalys (France Info)

The controller did not see the shooter mount Station in Brussels

During the interview, Thalys controller issue indicates “serious doubts” about the rise in the train Ayoub al-Khazzani at Bruxelles Midi station. “We have not given up,” he explains. Although he admits that the individual could climb unwittingly Michel Bruet rather hypothesizes that it is mounted in Antwerp train station where there is no supervision on the waterfront.

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