Thursday, August 27, 2015

The below the outlet of Volume 4 of “Millennium” –

Did you like Salander, the heroine of crazy Millennium ? Despite the death of Stieg Larsson, its creator, it now reappeared in What does not kill me , the fourth book in the series Millennium . This Millennium 4 , signed by David Lagercrantz, takes the characters of the series. This time, it is the NSA at the heart of the plot and the Swedish hacker will discreetly visit some server-secret … Just as with previous releases of Harry Potter , the author and publishers have nothing leaked the plot and prevented the reading of the text preview. It must be said that the release of the book aims to be a global event: 2.7 million copies will be introduced on Thursday in thirty countries. In France alone, the publisher Actes Sud has printed 500,000 for installation of 350,000 volumes in bookstores of France. The three previous books had a hit: four million in France according to the publisher and 80 million worldwide

An unusual genesis

The author, however, has never experienced anything this success. He died in 2004, a year before the publication of the first volume in 2005. The others were published between 2005 and 2007. The genesis of What does not kill me is atypical. It was initiated by the Swedish publisher Norstedts for commercial reasons. Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson’s widow, tried to object. But it has not been successful because she was not married with one she shared life for 32 years. Legally it therefore has no right to Stieg Larsson’s texts and could not touch the gigantic copyright of the trilogy. She had confided his disgust Millenium business. “It is said that the heroes must continue to live, she said last spring, but this is bullshit, because in fact it is a money story. It was a publishing house who needs money and writer who has nothing else to write than to copy others. “

Jackpot for the editor

Erland Larsson, father and Joakim Larsson, brother, writer’s heirs shared the copyright. They claim that their share of the fourth book recipes will be fully donated to anti-racist magazine Expo , co-founded by the writer. They hope to reach at least 5 million kronor (500,000 euros).

In any case, the Swedish publisher has already won the jackpot by selling the rights to 41 publishing houses in the world. David Lagercrantz acknowledged having been steeped in anguish by writing Subsequently, as the pressure was great. Now the writer awaits the verdict of the readers. “If it turns out that I have written a bad book he admits, there will always be books by Stieg Larsson.”


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