Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rock en Seine – Friday – The World

For the first day of the new edition of “Last summer festival “the super-group formed by Franz Ferdinand and Sparks flew debates the park of Saint-Cloud

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You’ll see, it has a special voice ” says a spectator to her neighbor before the singer barefoot, covered with a long green cloak, installs the piano. Benjamin Clementine and confirm entry: “ This voice, this voice Particular, you’ve heard it before ” intoning “Condolence”. If the quality of the British musician of Ghanaian origin is not in doubt, we wondered if this man, accustomed to charm small rooms with his piano and his voice manage to create a similar atmosphere in a big festival. And the bet is partly successful: surrounded by three musicians; including a cellist, the author of “Cornerstone” captures the attention of a large audience, which, between applause, as is gathered at the church. If the concert is going well overall, everyone would be more comfortable on a smaller stage.

If in the public, it is easy to distinguish Sparks fans from those of Franz Ferdinand – simple matter of generations – the “ Collaboration ” between the Scottish rockers and American brothers, pioneers of glam reconciliations, pop and disco, makes sparks and puts everyone agrees. Each in its style, Alex Kapranos and Russel Mael whoop and disseminate good humor spectators to the scene of the Cascade. Alternating piano solos “sparksiens” and soaring guitars “franziennes,” the two groups, which are found in the taste for melody, taking obvious pleasure in mingling their directories. The stars rotating around a Ron Mael, motionless face his keyboards, FFS members end with a “Take me Out” revisited. “In fact, collaboration work,” they conclude. It was confirmed


For – What good electrify guitars when two acoustic guitars offer Such a panel of music. Guitar Hero Latin version Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero blew the audience of the Great scene by interpreting their titles and taking classics like “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. And feeling a bit alone on this huge stage, they make up about thirty spectators to accompany

Cons -. This showmanship does not always happen, and both “Guitarristas” accumulate virtuosos passes came techniques of the flamenco guitar, we will not find the proper emotion of flamenco music. As for their “newness”, the worldwide hit “Happy”, Pharrell Williams, reinterpreted, it is far from the fresh breeze has been able to bring the duo came to Mexico at the beginning.

In the crowd, their T-shirts have largely won the competition of “ most anticipated group of the first day of Rock en Seine “. And many in their thirties (or quadra) looking for the blessed time of adolescence listening to energetic riffs of the Californian group. On stage, if time did not save Dexter Holland and his henchmen (with the notable exception of their hair peroxide as in the early days), their music has not aged. Six years after their first run in the park of Saint-Cloud, their punk-rock continues its ravages. Collateral victim of decibel Offspring, Miossec, who plays at the same time and calls for that “ buying skates for those old punks they are silent “. Chance, all tubes of the group go there for the greater public joy.

Accustomed to the great theaters, feus the “heirs

Oasis “attack hard from their first titles. In a deployment lights, Britons linked together their flagship titles, and make the audience roar, although helped by the unleashing of guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, dressed in a package making it look like a skeleton. Playing together combo Boys Noize and Mr Oizo, Kasabian does not let count and offers its fans a concert without false notes. Special mention to their cover of “People Are Strange,” the Doors, which calms the Saint-Cloud park at once, before it resumed in chorus the refrain. People are strange: a little earlier, on stage Fauve announced his intention to “take a break” after two years of uninterrupted touring. Good or bad news, everyone’s opinion.


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