Sunday, August 16, 2015

Star Wars attractions in Disney parks – Le Figaro

The CEO of Disney has announced the forthcoming creation of universe Star Wars in parks in Florida and California.

The news was expected since the takeover by Disney in 2012, Lucasfilm, creator of the company Star Wars , George Lucas. Bob Inger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Disney revealed to fans gathered at a convention Saturday, August 15, two extensions Star Wars will add to its Disneyland Anaheim California and Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla.

These extensions should cover an area of ​​5.6 hectares, when Disneyworld in its entirety covers 111. Two attractions will be built there, a mission on board Millenium Falcon and a space battle. Shops and restaurants, inspired by the world Star Wars , will also be installed in these areas. Construction should begin in California in 2017. No date commissioning has, however, been advanced.

“By acquiring Lucasfilm three years ago, we wanted to bring some Star Wars Disney in every corner of the screen … and in real life “

The giant media and entertainment shows that he has a vision much more dynamic in this universe that the previous owner. “By acquiring Lucasfilm three years ago, we wanted to bring a little Star Wars in every corner of Disney on the screen … and in real life”, explained the boss of Disney.

In real life, it will therefore be amusement parks group. On the screen, it will be this winter, with the release of the seventh film in the series on December 18 on the screens around the world. This seventh installment is part of a new trilogy, the last episode released in 2019, 42 years after the first film of the saga.

But Disney does not end with this trilogy, since spin off – called One Rogue – is currently being filmed, for release in December 2016. In fact, a film in the world of Star Wars should come out each year until 2019.


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