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Rock en Seine: regressive atmosphere, raised fist – Le Figaro

The 13th edition of the Paris festival opened Friday night at the National Estate of Saint Cloud, with The Offspring, Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian Sparks and showing.

At the opening of its 13th edition, Rock en Seine has missed the worse the rain. While ropes falling the previous day, the sun came warm Friday soil stained with mud, the domain of Saint Cloud, in the Hauts-de-Seine. A little straw here and there and that was it. Some tasks will only slush spattered shoes of festival, happy to enjoy dry programming of the event.

Since the middle of the afternoon, the music resounds in the green setting of this national park. Too bad that is programmed so early tempestuous Kate Tempest and his machine gun flow. Fortunately, succession is assured. Jeanne Added, real discovery of the year with his album Be Sensational , charming his audience with his bass guitar playing, minimalist environments and new wave. John Butler Trio, champion of the Australian folk-rock, delivers a rather full-bodied performance that deliberately leaves much room to electricity. They had a little lost sight of for Grand National (2007) and their famous song Better Than , they prove that they still have cards down.

Unable to have lost sight of Benjamin Clementine, by cons. Under the spotlight for two years, it gives off a rare aura on stage, with her mesmerizing smile and almost two meters high. At 26, English is happy to be with the poster of Rock en Seine, after being noticed in the Paris metro. In his green velvet jacket, he tries to tell a story in French, before wandering repeatedly in the field of improvisation with his musicians. What disconcert the public. “I do not understand what is going on,” is astonished spectator, bald thirties, when the singer left the stage to let his drummer play to their heart’s content.

Benjamin Clementine finds Paris, XF9 o & #; it & # xe9; t & # xe9; xe9 rep & #; r & # xe9; in the m & # xe9;. tro

Benjamin Clementine finds Paris, where he was spotted on the subway Copyright:

A human tide met to see The Offspring

While Rodrigo Y Gabriela juggle their guitars – in a set that it seems to have heard many times but with the same palpable energy, raising the audience on stage to spice up the show – Jacco Gardner and his friends post their greasy hair and pallid shirts, discreet behind their psychedelic melodies and neo-folk very arranged. Some organized, taking advantage of this lull before a “strong program”

Many already place to see in good conditions one of the true headliners of the evening. FFS. Behind this name a bit misleading when pronounced in French are actually met Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, who imagined an ambitious musical project to the false Queen tunes. For their second visit to Paris, they created a major concert. On the front of the stage Alex Kapranos are agitated, very clean on him with his plaid shirt and Russell Mael, large black raven whose resemblance to Professor Snape Harry Potter is troubling. Together they wake of festival eardrums with the pieces of their joint album Franz Ferdinand and tubes: Do You Want To , Take Me Out

No time to see the end. Steering the big stage. Some argue such as vickings with their inflatable ax, probably distributed at the booth of a sponsor. Others rush in the compact public already beginning pogo away from the scene. A sea of ​​people gathered to see the highlight of the evening, performed by musicians from over 50 years of The Offspring. The atmosphere is electrifying and regressive: everyone plunges fifteen years back, fist raised, and likes to shout these punk rock anthems that make resurface youth memories. “Why do not you get a job?” Yells the crowd, eyes shining face this cult band of the 1990s and touched to find these grandpas rockers – leather jackets, discolored bits and silver chains – which have yet Cooler than yesterday more energy, I must admit. Yet they will be the only ones to ensure a reminder

 Kasabian seems s' & # XEA; be inspired & # xe9; riffs d & # xe9; ments The Offspring just before him on the big sc & # XE8;. do

Kasabian seems to have inspired riffs demented The Offspring just before him on the big stage. Copyright:

The ecstasy along with Kasabian and Handbraekes

On the other side of the field of Saint-Cloud, the “Nuits Fauve” began. Real phenomenon for three years, the Parisian quintet obviously has its audience of naive young girls swooning at his feet. Besides, it is the only group in which fifteen minutes meeting specifically provided with “female webzines,” the media space. As usual, the Fauve image is strictly controlled (the photos are checked). The fervor is nevertheless to date with Blizzard, Nurse, Kane

But electricity has not said its last word. After The Offspring, Kasabian seems inspired by his insane riffs. We did not know much training paid in hard rock. As soon as Tom Meighan sings “I’m in ecstasy” on Bumblebee , extract from the latest album 48:13 , the public is in turn in ecstasy, while throwing a glance acrobatics Sergio Pizzorno on guitar, dressed in his suit-skeleton.

The ecstasy is not reserved only denies their set. Further, Handbraekes, is the epitome of Franco-German friendship under the sign of electro, rage. Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo value their reputation crazy techno producers. They handle the turntables as a person, leaving no respite to viewers who want more, completely spellbound. You would have to stop this frenzied momentum … In order to réverver for a second day which will mark the reunion with The Libertines, a second round downright rock.


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