Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cinema. Dheepan, a tale in the spotlight – Ouest-France

The risk was rewarded. Jacques Audiard summarizes: a budget of 15 million euros, a cast not speaking their language essentially an illegal immigrant history. And upon arrival, a Golden Palm for his Dheepan .

It begins in Sri Lanka. The country heals the wounds of the civil war. A former rebel Tamil, Dheepan to whom we owe the title of the film, is seeking papers for political asylum in Europe.

He needs a family to facilitate the process . It sticks a wife and a daughter. Together, they landed in a Paris suburb where they have custody of a building.

Sometimes confusing

violence against the country with current threats in exile, c ‘ is basically the same attempt at survival. The quest for an illusory peace, a desire to establish relations of solidarity. In an evocation catch the news and reality. It’s like the banks of the Channel, in the daily turmoil that rocked migrants live in illusions of a wellness elsewhere.

But Jacques Audiard and his two co-screenwriters, Noah and Thomas Bidegain Debré does not opt ​​for the documentary description of a drama of our time. Their story takes the tale. This is what reveals an intriguing and dreamlike final. And some excesses undermine the credibility of about.

All genres seem to have made an appointment at the heart of this sometimes confusing project. It shows a war film as a chronicle of love, an essentially social drama. And at the same time, a poetic comedy.

The atmosphere is changing, but the director always leaves its mark there. That of a film that questions and stimulates. This is the beautiful brand Jacques Audiard. Although it was known more accomplished. 1 h 54.


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