Saturday, August 15, 2015

“High By The Beach”: discover the edgy clip Lana Del Rey – She

After unveiling its new title on Monday night, Lana Del Rey published the clip Thursday. The video takes us on a helicopter that flies over the sea to reach a villa on a beach. The sound of the camera’s propellers resonates, the window curtains flutter and Lana Del Rey comes out on the balcony. Wearing a long dress and light, the singer fixed helicopter and seems very upset. She turns around in his house, flips a tabloid with a photo of her on the cover, and then raises the window to the paparazzi approaching. Finally, tired of being spied upon, she runs out to grab a guitar case on the beach. The pop star back on the balcony and reveals a weapon to aim and destroy the device. This satire of the tabloids seem inspired by the life of the star who has often stated that it hardly bore his fame.

The song is taken from her third album, “Honeymoon,” which will be released in September . “High By The Beach” is the second single from the album after the song entitled “Honeymoon”. In April, the producer Mark Ronson explained to the American magazine “Interview” that he had worked with the singer on the new disk.


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