Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The father of Amy Winehouse made a new revelation about her daughter – Le Figaro

Mitch Winehouse, the father of the deceased singer, always at war against Amy , the documentary by Asif Kapadia, made an important revelation about her daughter in an Australian Emission .

Certainly, the controversies around Amy Winehouse does not stop. The father of the singer, Mitch Winehouse, continue to criticize Amy , the documentary directed by Asif Kapadia, in theaters since July. According to him, the film lacks objectivity and portrayed the young woman so unflattering. And to improve the image of his daughter, he made a strange revelation in the Australian show Weekend Sunrise shortly before his death, the singer believed pregnant.

Interviewed on August 15, Mitch Winehouse throws again trouble. “She was with Reg [Traviss, her latest boyfriend], they would marry. I probably should not tell you this, but she thought she was pregnant, “he said.

The father of singer therefore continuing his crusade against the film by Asif Kapadia. In early July, it announced its intention to implement with Reg Traviss an “alternative” documentary “to restore the truth about Amy’s life.” He thus wrote on his Twitter account: “All friends of Amy that have been excluded from the film will have a say. They will not be cut off from the assembly. Kapadia, you are a disgrace. “

Everyone does not agree. Mark Ronson, former producer of the soul diva, in an interview with The Mirror in the same period, had called the film “respectful”. “We watched, and my wife said,” Now I understand, now I see Amy were talking about ‘I forget that everyone could not see this part of it. . “


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