Saturday, August 15, 2015

Show me a Hero, an HBO miniseries must see – Le Figaro

THE SCAN TV / VIDEO – Take the creator of The Wire and director of Crash , you get Show me a Hero , a stamped HBO miniseries 6 episodes depicting the struggle of a man in a racist America, petty bourgeois and violent. On Monday in US +24 OCS City.

Based on the novel by Lisa Belkin survey by former journalist David Simon, to whom we must already formidable The Wire and Treme , two HBO series, Show me a Hero following the battle of Nick Wasicsko (Oscar Isaac ), young mayor of the small town of Yonkers near New York in the late 80s Faced with the refusal of the local white middle class – even those who have chosen – see build housing Social intended to house poor families in the vicinity of their homes, it ends up being compelled by a court decision. A descent into hell societal, racial and political as America of the 1980s, especially in a Northern State, would not have had to learn. But that’s it.

After The Wire , which described in chapters 5 drugs, the climax of the streets of Baltimore in the early 2000s, and Treme which evoked the difficult reconstruction of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, former journalist turned screenwriter and producer, David Simon, once again shows his taste for social fresco, its commitment to social conflict, dereliction at disintegration of a country built on money, love of country, of God and of his old myth, the myth of the American dream. He illustrates in 5 seasons in The Wire or 6 episodes only in Show me a Hero , its reflection is intense, intact, impervious to any consent. The result is very strong, very dark, very beautiful.

Directed by Paul Haggis ( Crash , but also scenarios Quantum of Solace and Skyfall ) and co-written by William F. Zorzi (already present on The Wire ), Show me a Hero is worn by actor Oscar Isaac (expected shortly Star Wars 7 and X-Men: Apocalypse ), under the beautiful youngest mayor in the history of the United States traits; James Belushi, in the role of former elected Angelo Martinelli, opposing Wasicsko; Alfred Molina, Catherine Keener, or beautiful Winona Ryder. A series 5 star to follow every Monday at 20 h 40, from August 17 on OCS City, just 24 hours after the US broadcast.


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