Saturday, August 22, 2015

Attack in the Thalys: Guillaume Pepy will meet Jean-Hugues Anglade – The World

The president of SNCF, Guillaume Pepy, announced on Saturday, August 22, he would meet in the coming days the actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, Thalys passenger train in which took place Friday attack army and denounced the behavior of agents of the train. “I understand the emotion, testimony, but to conclude, we must give ourselves the time to hear everyone,” said the boss of the railway company.

Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was slightly injured in the shooting on the train from Amsterdam to Paris, told Paris-Match the felt events. The comedy 60, who was on the train with his partner and his children, said that the staff of the train was enclosed in a “working car” which opens with a special key and presented it as insensitive to the cries for help of the passengers. “Back to the wall. Glued to each other against the metallic door motor. We tapions above, we shouted for staff let in, we hurlions “Open! “. We wanted to react! In vain … Nobody told us. “

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In response to the actor, director Thalys, Agnès Ogier, said Saturday that the oar agents which place is the attack alerted the driver. “An officer felt a graze the ball. He left with five or six passengers take refuge in the space to bulky baggage, “van”, “ she told the BBC. “The idea was to pull the controller the alarm signal to alert the driver and to stop the train. It was unwise to continue his road to Paris with a gunner on board. “

According to the Director of Thalys, the small group in the van ” has no idea what is happening in the cars 11 and 12 and does not account the shooter is not overpowered by passengers. Hence their silence in the face of the actor calls and other travelers. When the train stops, the group goes on the road to warn the driver. “

” My goal is not to question Mr. Anglade , Agnès Ogier said on France Info. He lived what he experienced something very traumatic. I can only tell you what we told our agent. All this happened very quickly. What I know to say is that the Thalys train staff fulfilled its mission. “


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