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DIRECT. Rock en Seine: Etienne Daho ends his tour in style! – FranceTV info

21.05 The sky darkens and Interpol come around. And it’s actually kind of international security. Formed in New York in the late 90s in the East Village (as Strokes, but the comparison ends there) the group has remained true to its dark line between rock and New Wave. Post punks not dead!

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Etienne Daho 19.50 like festivals, large outdoor scenes. It’s new, it has been clicked the last year’s World Cup and since it broke out much before 40,000 people in intimate spaces. Showman, the Daho? For the last date of his tour Diskönoir, it puts the gum. Dressed all in black (shirt, jacket and scarf, he will quickly suffocate!), It packs an audience that knows by heart all his texts. The tubes are connected, very electric orchestration, no doubt it has its place here on planet rock European.

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In the fourth piece, he drops the scarf. Actually, Daho moves little, minimalist stage set, microphone in his right hand, the left one is open and underlines words.
Arrangements favor a very powerful bass-drums line works better on its securities more récents.Le first great moment of communion with the audience: “Weekend in Rome” after thirty minute concert, quiet version of this time, tambourine replace the battery. If it was not as day, we would have released lighters. Daho may pause, the audience takes over. In the aftermath, “Like a boomerang,” and it won. The final stretch is famous with, among others, “Fallen for France”, “Going out tonight”, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”, “Shoulder Tattoo” and “Blue like you.” Latest scores, the tour is over. Rennais and excellent musicians can be met, Rock en Seine fell for Daho.

19.45 On the other side, the crowd, very family, began to mass in front of the stage to see the Waterfall Etienne Daho , the unexpected madeleine programming indie rock festival this year.

19.40 The public Stereophonics extends well beyond the boundaries of the Great scene

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19.00 Young Thug starts on Industry with a large synthetic sound. It harrangue the crowd out there that claim to launch their arms in the air. The audience in the front rows is in tune, thoroughly. Young Thug multiplies the false start to test the crowd. “All those who smoke grass, arms in the air,” he said before starting “Stoner”.
Later, he paid tribute to Jamie xx The xx, expected this evening on the same stage and plays the beautiful British title on which it is featuring “Good Times”. It’s the fans cheering and light a torch in the heart of the crowd.

18.50 Start concert so quiet force for Stereophonics . Londoners (of Welsh origin) are among the very biggest sellers of disks in England for twenty years even if they have never signed a mega hit. With the exception of ‘May be tomorrow’, led by the public that undulates gently in a beautiful light summer evening. The guitar solo is circumstantial .. And yet many of their pieces might become as magicians know these rock mix of big guitars and drum sounds with effective melodies of their choruses. A customized group for a late-night festival early summer.
The other specialty of Stereophonics, it is the big rides that inspire some languorous slow dances on the lawn of St. Cloud. Quickly interrupted by a leading “That’s life” in French in the text, taken from their new album due out in September.
A great time to live live on Culturebox

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18.40 It’s not showing Rock en Seine but it is nevertheless there, behind the scenes, reporters came to present his new disc . Jean-Michel Jarre who held a press conference open to the public in the village in the heart of the disk of the festival, hoped to come next year to present his album Rock en Seine – Inch Allah, did -he said. He praised the way his friends who will be on stage with Etienne Daho and just now paid tribute to the brave technicians who set up the infrastructure all week in the rain. Tomorrow, he has said, he will see the concert of his friends the Chemical Brothers. See you in the crowd?

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18.35 Many people in the aisles of Saint-Cloud Park and in front of the stage’petite “Live pressure” to discover the intriguing psyche pop Mini Mansions . The two leaders of the American group, including Michael Shuman, bassist of Queen Of The Stone Age, have known since the age of 11 years. Beautiful scene on complicity and some fantasies like a very personal cover of Blondie

18.00 Marina & amp. the Diamonds has treated the staging: surrounded by a group of men in black, Marina appears in combination tiger and a neon painted planets decor. A gigantic green strawberry rests in a corner. Who knows why. It’s very leche, not very communicative. As for defense, she sings “I am not a robot” – I’m not a robot. Really?

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> 17.15 DBFC go! It is 45 degrees in the sun but the hindquarters not resist them! It’s official, we finally held in France our Depeche Mode. Also organic than synthetic, Bill David Shaw (aka Siskid) and Dombrance makes sparks. Their pop discoid goes especially well the test of the stage, where they are reinforced by two musicians including drummer Rachid Taha. Normal since the scene is the favorite playground of the two producer-singer-multi-instrumentalists. We dance, we dance but after sweating it embraces more person to Rock en Seine. We are all human puddles

17.00 On the big stage, up to Ben Howard , the English songwriter. The lefty virtuoso guitarist has already sold over a million copies, and was distinguished by two Brit Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Male Artist. His concert is here.

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Its introduction is captivating, with tinged folk blues. Sitting or standing, focused on his vocals, Ben Howard book these flights that made his fame in England. With its look between Kurt Cobain and Neil Hannon of Divine Comedy, it also surprises with his torn voice and sometimes disconcertingly but still interesting to play the guitar.

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Some fans of Ben Howard came equipped to stand out from the stage by the beautiful blonde.

16.25 An electric violin sound on the stage of the cascade, the Belgians Balthazar come in. Here in the studio, the band put on a carefully thoughtful sobriety. The singer starts the show with “Decency”. Guitar slung carelessly put in the back, he sings as yawns. But the public is kept alert by the force of his stage play.

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16.05 Visibly delighted to be there, ready smile, the six musicians from The Maccabees are both a formidable efficiency and absolute coolness. The success of their fourth album may explain this. Just out, it is already first in the charts in England. Soft voices and guitars always nerve marry as well. A warm rock that makes up the heat on the lawn of the big stage already scorched by a blazing sun. “Such a beautiful Day!” exclaims the singer. The temperature still goes up a notch for the end of the concert where the public is more and more dense … and often shirtless in a scorching heat. You can experience this live concert then replay on our website.

16.00 The five musicians Forever Poppy , led by the French Emile Sorin, take us for a walk on the side of the sixties. Without being nostalgic, their psychedelic rock and cinematic mastery Vannier (Gainsbourg) and soundtracks old when they do not return the credits of Tintin. Retro but not that very successful and joyful frankly – they exchange many smiles as they admit die of heat – the quintet will remain as a beautiful instrumental discovery of this second day.

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15.30 Batteries on time, Forever Poppy and The Maccabees open the programming of the second day. First impression in front of the big stage, the audience is still sparse. In fact, he took refuge on the fairways, where there is some shade. Because it is very hot today in Paris and its surroundings, 30 ° to St. Cloud. And tomorrow will be worse. We will have protection from the sun. Yesterday he had to avoid slush and therefore sandals today sunscreen, hats and mist are required.
Maccabees Orlando Weeks and Robert Thomas attack with a melodic and sophisticated rock .

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Forever Poppy , meanwhile, unrolls its neo-psychedelic notes … live on Culturebox. A small snake charmers side, troubling in this blazing sun.


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