Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fnac Novel Prize 2015: the 5 finalists – The Obs

According calculators of our colleagues of “Livres Hebdo”, 589 tumble novels in bookstores this week and in those that follow.

How many manage to find readers by the end of the season? The literary season sometimes resembles emergence of a leatherback on the beach of Awala in Guyana. That is, to reach the sea and have a chance to become an adult, a race of nameless cruelty.

Of the 589 novels, there already were only 30 in the selection published by the current Fnac July. Of these 30, it is still more than five today: five books selected as finalists by a jury of 400 bookstores and 400 members-customers Fnac Novel Prize for the retail chain award soon September 1st.

And these five finalists are:

♦ The seventh function of language Laurent Binet (Grasset, read the “Obs” of August 20, p. 80-83)

Father’s occupation sorj chalandon of (Grasset too)

It was a city , Thomas B. Reverdy (Flammarion)

The Awkward , Alexandre Seurat (first novel published in La Brune in Rouergue)

Based on a true story to Delphine de Vigan (already Award winner in 2011, JC Lattes )

For the record, the Fnac Novel Prize was awarded last year a young British 33 years, Benjamin Wood, for “Complex Eden Bellwether “ (Zulma).

And for the record always, the list of 30 novels selected in July is still viewable here (but the best is of course every week, read the literary pages the “Obs” for you there).



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