Wednesday, August 19, 2015

“The Beautiful Season”: a history of women, a love story – FranceTV info


They are young, free, joyful and rebellious. In 1971, in France Puritan Pompidou, they cause men and fight for the right to dispose of their bodies. Contraception, abortion, gay rights, the streets of Paris became their place of expression where bloom slogans and claims

Feminist which the filmmaker pays tribute in his own way. “It was a struggle which we had often mocked and that women sometimes a little ashamed “ says Catherine Corsini, director, who made this film ” show courage “.

“The Beautiful Season” is a story of women, but also a love story between Delphine, a young homosexual farmer, and Carole in the big city. A passion forbidden to live openly in rural areas, at a time when homosexuality is seen as a mental illness.

“The Beautiful Season” about love , emancipation, freedom of body and ideas. Always topical themes, 45 years later.

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