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“You stink cat”: how did the song cult Friends! – Screenrush

Recently performed on stage by Taylor Swift and special guest Lisa Kudrow, the tube of “Friends” sounds again in our fans’ heads. The opportunity to address once and for all on its origins and its history … legendary!

The birth of a tube …

It was one of the events of the week: the resumption of rock’n roll “You stink chat” (“Smelly Cat “for purists) by the duo on stage Taylor Swift / Lisa Kudrow. A tribute to the first, big fan of the series Friends, the second illustrates its worship song interpreter, who had never taken his guitar since the end of the show.

A song about which Lisa Kudrow had lifted the mystery there is little, telling its origin in favor of an interview. Written by the authors of Friends, the future tube, in his confidences, was made by actress itself, so advised by Chryssie Hynde, singer of the cult band The Pretenders. Precision matter if we remember the first appearance of “You stink cat” in the series …

You Remember! In episode 6 of season 2 Phoebe Buffay interprets this as zany when, having been replaced by the Central Perk Stephanie a professional singer, she moved down the street to practice his art. Then we learn that this is his least popular songs but also the favorite of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). At the end of the episode, his future tube we see teaching to the said Stephanie, who is none other than THE Chrrissie Hynde The Pretenders …

A great moment rather incongruous that had amused the fans:

… we love hearing throughout the series

coquaces Lyrics unforgettable haunting air, “You stink cat” became a hymn of fans who loved, just like Lisa Kudrow, could never know what you gave to this cat he also feels bad. Frustration that has not prevented them to wait and hear with joy at various times of the series, always exquisite:

  • In another tasty duo of Lisa Kudrow Chris Isaak … and who dares even a small improvisation laughable (season 2, episode 12)
  • On the occasion of a video clip (below) specially made for the tube (season 2, episode 17) but for which the voice Phoebe was replaced; during this episode, whole band pushes also the famous song
  • In the heart of a conflict with his. former singing partner, Leslie (Elizabeth Daily), who uses his song to advertising a cat litter .
  • When a version Sexy called (Season 4 Episode 5) Phoebe tries to cultivate, seduced by the sweetness of her voice hoarse .
  • Accompanied by a drum instead an acoustic guitar when she is pregnant triplets of his brother …
  • In a crucial episode (season 5, episode 13) where we finally learn where does the origin This haunting song heroin. Small, his father sang to him as indeed a “Sleepy Girl” with a melody strangely looks more to his favorite song
  • A table with the very bourgeois relatives of his Mike fiancé (season 9 episode 7), when Phoebe sings inappropriate way to fill an awkward silence for seventeen minutes!

So many hilarious moments that have made the series this little comic gem that can not forget.

Rediscover the clip tube “You stink chat”

Lisa Kudrow Video sample


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