Friday, August 14, 2015

Mission: Impossible 5 smashes the worldwide box office – Le Figaro

The fifth installment of the saga starring Tom Cruise has already raked in $ 300 million in worldwide box office since its release on July 31.

Nearly twenty years after the first signed Brian De Palma pane, see Tom Cruise perform spectacular stunts always moves crowds. Since its release on 31 July, the fifth installment of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation has already reported $ 303 million in revenue worldwide box office.

The best ticket sales are registered in the United States, where the film Christopher McQuarrie has earned $ 119 million, 65 million in its first weekend of operation. The results in the rest of the world are also impressive. The film started in head in Korea, the UK, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Russia and Argentina, with 65 million dollars in a weekend forty international markets.

In France, the film released on August 12, recorded 247,000 copies of 719 entries, making the second start of the franchise after Mission: Impossible II and the ninth start of year.

Overall, five components of Mission: Impossible reported $ 2.5 billion in the world, the record being held by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with $ 695 million in revenue.


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