Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Carla Bruni: “thank you for this moment responds to humiliation” – Le Figaro

The wife of Nicolas Sarkozy mentioned the book Valérie Trierweiler, in the book Public Private Life Life. A State voyeurism. The true Roman of Presidents Philippe Labi.

Carla Bruni understands the pain of Valerie Trierweiler. This is what reveals the former first lady about her “Sister”, which replaced at the Elysee, until January 2014. For the purpose of the book Life Private Public Life. A State voyeurism. The real novel of Presidents , Philippe Labi, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife spoke about the book thank you for this moment , Valérie Trierweiler, as related by Jean site -Marc Morandini.

“This book of Valerie Trierweiler seemed a tune. It responds first to a humiliation, Carla Bruni has entrusted to the former news director of M6. Infidelity is already something painful. So when that infidelity is public, it doubles the trouble somehow. “

” It was not legitimate position, being neither married nor pacsée ”

The singer also summarizes the difficulty to fit in such a formal environment than the Elysee, moreover when the links with the president are not clearly established. “Valerie Trierweiler is a woman of her time who was placed in a place without being prepared. It is a journalist not a public figure. She did not know the incessant waves of gossip and slander. She was not in a position of legitimacy, being neither married nor pacsée. In such a formal place Elysium is tricky. “

Carla Bruni is empathize with Valerie Trierweiler. “She was devastated. No woman would have held shock, “exclaims itself. Already last year, on the set of the show One evening at the Eiffel Tower she had confided to have been moved by reading thank you for this moment , while adding: “But again, it’s hard to judge. Is it wrong? I do not know. “

Life Private Public Life. A State voyeurism. The true Roman of Presidents published August 27, the First editions. In this book, Philippe Labi sketch the outlines of a Republic where the presidential office was desecrated, particularly because of voyeurism.


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