Monday, August 24, 2015

US Box Office: rappers Straight Outta Compton still leading – Le Figaro

The film about the epic of the group NWA, initiator of the gansta rap , combines ten operating days 111 400 000 dollars. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Tom Cruise remains in second place

The movie Straight Outta Compton. on the epic group NWA, initiator of the gansta rap , remains on the front of the stage maintaining first place in the North American box office, according to preliminary figures the company Exhibitor Relations published Sunday August 23. He reported $ 26.7 million in its second week on screens, bringing revenue to $ 111.4 million in total.

The biopic, which is named after the band’s first album 1988 and evokes the city adjacent to Los Angeles, which originate these rappers mostly stunned Hollywood last week by exceeding the most optimistic forecasts. The film will be released in France on September 16.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation , retains its second place with 11.7 million in revenue for its fourth week. The fifth installment of the saga, with Tom Cruise in the role of agent Ethan Hunt, reported a total of 157.7 million.

Sinister 2 , horror movie British-American rated R (no under 17 years) goes directly to third place in its first week of release, garnering 10.6 million. This is followed by another new feature, Hitman Agent 47 , directed by Aleksander Bach, who pocketed 8.2 million

In fifth place, Very Special Agents -. Code UNCLE Guy Ritchie garners 7.4 million for its second week. The action film, based on a hit TV series of the 1960s on a CIA agent, lost two places and achieves 26.6 million in total revenue.

Last novelty of the top 10 , American Ultra , with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, has to rank sixth with 5.5 million. The psychological thriller The Gift was down two places in seventh, with 4.3 million in its third week on the screens, garnering a total of 31 million.

The small Marvel superheroes, Ant-Man , that is to say, Ant-Man, fell to eighth place after holding the head of the box office in its first two weeks poster. It carries 4 million in revenue, for a total of 164.5 in six weeks.

The yellow capsules spectacle that is the Minions are above -Last for their seventh week with 3.7 million and amounted to 319.9 million dollars in revenue.

Fantastic 4 , resuming action movie characters from Marvel , bring up the rear by falling from fourth place last week they occupied the tenth position. They reap 3.6 million for the third week, with a total of 49.6 million.


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