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Pixar, Star Wars, Jack Sparrow … What can we learn from the D23 2015? – Screenrush

Pixar, Star Wars Jack Sparrow … What can we learn from the D23 2015?

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Monday, August 17, 2015 – There are 4 hours and 6 minutes

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Many” Star Wars “, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, news of” Captain America 3 “and” The Jungle Book “, a double dose of Johnny Depp … Here’s all that we must remember the last D23.

Imagine an equivalent of Comic Con dedicated exclusively to Disney giant of his films live action and animated views Pixar and Marvel, passing through some of the larger pieces of his catalog including some Star Wars. This event exists since it is the D23.

Named in reference to the year 1923, during which Walt Disney left his native Kansas to Hollywood, the show celebrated its 6 years of existence in Anaheim (California) between 14 and 16 August. And the least we can say is that the studio had gifts for his guests, and not the reverse. Small passage in review of what was announced or shown during this crazy weekend.

Star Wars Force

If no new image of the Episode VII was unveiled as JJ Abrams had confirmed during the last week, Star Wars fans have still got things to put in their mouths, starting with the duration of the feature film. For once, one could even speak of the feast, as the saga created by George Lucas was the host number 1 of this edition of the D23, thanks to the teaser poster of the Force Alarm Clock, presented by the cast on scene, and signed the legendary Drew Struzan, which you have necessarily seen some of the works.

JJ Abrams Interview

From the first episode of the new trilogy, Disney is then passed to the last, to confirm a rumor that dated Comic Con in San Diego this is indeed Colin Trevorrow who take orders from Episode IX. “It’s not a job or an appointment. This is an invitation to settle around a campfire surrounded by a group of writers, designers, artists and craftsmen” , said on this occasion the director of the third biggest worldwide hit of all time, Jurassic World, so he can try to beat in 2019, with its installment in the intergalactic saga.

Before him, other filmmakers will be attacked the baby to George Lucas: JJ Abrams course, but also Rian Johnson (Star Wars – Episode VIII) or Gareth Edwards, director of the first spin-off, renamed Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (and not Star Wars Anthology ). A feature film currently filming and including a photo, badass at will, was unveiled we

& gt ==. A view detail here

Around Felicity Jones, we find some member of his squad, charged with stealing the plans for the Death Star, including Diego Luna or Donnie Yen . Cinematic mouths which must be added those of Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker and Mads Mikkelsen, whose presence was announced during the D23. After Hannibal Danish actor is going to bring his charisma to another famous franchise. And if Edwards suggests the Black Hawk or Zero Dark Thirty as sources of inspiration, one would be tempted to add to The Dirty Dozen list, given the impressive cast

== & gt;. Verdict December 16, 2016

But the future of Star Wars, it will not be that big screen. In addition to a PS4 Darth Vader, to be released in a limited edition with the game Battlefront November 17, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney announced, with great fanfare, the start of construction, not 1 but 2 theme parks around the saga. And promises of very very heavy.

Robert A. Iger Interview

Mountains and Marvel

Along with Star Wars, Marvel, the other Disney franchise XXL , made a little less spark, failing unprecedented big announcement. Spectators in Anaheim, however, discovered a first concept art of Doctor Strange, who has not been posted in stride. But Empire has been compared to Inception, while many emphasized loyalty costume Benedict Cumberbatch to the comic book.

Retained in London, where he played “Hamlet” on the boards until October 31, the actor has nevertheless shown during the D23, via a video message that he began with a Vulcan hi “Oops, not a good film” , immediately corrected the villain of Star Trek last date before making some revelations. According to him, Scott Derrickson film should bring “a new dimension, or rather multiple dimensions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe” , and promises “girls, cars, explosions and projections astral in several worlds “ or ” the usual routine. “ Evidence from November 2, 2016, while filming should start in the same period this year.

Benedict Cumberbatch Interview

A few months ago, Captain America will be a Civil War for his new adventure on the big screen, whose shooting himself is about to be completed. On this occasion, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie, still as accomplices took a much needed break to present the first images of the film Joe and Anthony Russo. According to those present on site, the trailer in question is stirring, which makes it all the more annoying having to wait several months (expect October) before seeing it.

Chris Evans Interview

Pixar and how

While Vice Versa a hit in theaters worldwide (640 million dollars in revenue to date), Disney and Pixar have already Prolonged adventure with a short film called Riley’s First Date ( “The first appointment of Riley” ), seen in DVD and Blu-Ray editions of jewel Pete Docter.

== & gt; But an extract is already available

In addition to excerpts from travel Arlo, in theaters on November 25th, the studio to the lamp then plunged us into Finding Dory, Nemo suite expected June 26, 2016, with a new visual, and additions within a very Modern Family cast in the soul: Ed O’Neill and Ty Burrell will join Ellen DeGeneres in fact, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton in a film , vocally speaking, will not fail so no sense of humor.

A year later, Pixar will return to Earth and we will invite the Mexican Day of the Dead with Coco. Nothing to do with Gad Elmaleh, as the new film from the director of Toy Story 3 will tell the story of a young boy of 12 gifted guitar and that events will turn. Described as “fun and powerfully moving” by its director, Coco was unveiled through a clip extract, suggesting that the studio will regale us in the fall of 2017.

== & gt; Another new challenge for Pixar

A little love to finish because John Lasseter has finally revealed what the characters involved in the romance at the heart of Toy Story 4: Woody and Bergère . And if the film, due June 28, 2017, was actually a prequel, or made us relive the long previous films through this prism?

Finally, note that even absent from the presentations, Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 were also of the party, through these posters teasers.

Disney share live …

Beauty and the Beast, we currently know nothing more than what has already been announced. But the returns on the first images, including that of Emma Watson in the famous yellow dress heroin, makes us even more eager to see not even a picture of the feature film Bill Condon, due on 17 March 2017 in the United States.

A year earlier, Jon Favreau opens his Jungle Book, which will blend live action and computer graphics, as he had explained at the last Festival Deauville. The director took advantage of the D23 to come to that a little bit, in the company of some of his actors, and present the beautiful first poster (plus a trailer that does it either, not put online).

Jon Favreau Interview

And given the many Disney classics adaptation projects planned catch live action, there is a good chance that this type of presentation the recurrence Next year, on the occasion of the D23 in 2016.

… and anime

Side pure entertainment, Disney also had to satisfy the many fans present in Anaheim, with 3 projects mentioned in order of release date. The first to jump was therefore Zootopie, waiting in our rooms in February 2016. For the occasion, Ginnifer Goodwin, dubber Judy Hopps (and also passage for Once Upon A Time), joined John Lasseter and directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore to present excerpts and – above all – announce that Shakira would give the voice for the character of Gazelle and the song of the film, entitled “Try Everything” .

John Lasseter Interview

Humans will then be a lively back at Disney in the month of November The Princess with the end of the world ( Moana VO), new baby Directors of Aladdin that will transport us in the Pacific Islands in the South Pacific, in the company of a sailor and a half god and Polynesian music. And speaking of “transport” the audience, Disney turned to a strong man in the person of Dwayne Johnson, doubler Maui, came also present the feature film.

Dwayne Johnson Interview

If the two previous projects were already known, it was not the case of the third: Gigantic. After Rapunzel, of which he was co-director Nathan Greno will tackle replay of another tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk” in the case, and promises to deliver “a final version” . To help him in his task and set to music the story of friendship between Jack and a giant named Emma young, he can count on Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, composers of The Snow Queen. With a new hit of the caliber of “Freed issued” when the film will be released in 2018?

Double ratio of Johnny Depp

As Lupita Nyong’o, who “obviously a contract to play in all the Disney movies” by JJ Abrams, Johnny Depp made double blow for this edition of the D23, where he also received the trophy Disney Legends. First appearing on one of the posters of Alice on the other side of the mirror (in theaters June 1, 2016) that pay tribute to Salvador Dali, and the visual presentation of the characters, especially when it is discovered the villain played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Then it’s in person and dress the actor came to speak of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Currently in post-production the film will come out in … 2 years. He will fortunately not take as long for a rumor that trailed past few months is finally confirmed: Orlando Bloom will resume its role of Will Turner, and thus sign its fourth participation in the saga, after being away from La Fontaine of Youth.

Johnny Depp Interview

Always dressed as Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp has also offered photo of this LA landmark D23 when he crossed Harrison ‘Han Solo’ Ford, in civilian clothes, in the wings. All under the watchful eye of Jerry Bruckheimer, who seems to think the idea of ​​joining the two player in a Pirates of the Caribbean 6 , when the picture was taken. Big announcement expected at the D23 in 2016?

If needed, Disney has reminded the world that have more than one opportunity to the event in the coming years and less and there is more to cross your fingers for the videos and pictures presented at the D23 are officially put online shortly.

And hope that the next trailer for “Star Wars” is as powerful as this one:

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Awakening of the Force Trailer


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