Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cairo Declaration: the Chinese film that seeks to rewrite history – Le Devoir (Subscription)

Beijing – A Chinese film about the Cairo Conference in 1943 – crucial episode of the Second World War – was mocked Monday by Internet: the poster of Mao Zedong feature shows alongside Churchill and Roosevelt … so that it has never attended the event.

Statement Cairo is a wholesale war film . budget, produced by a company affiliated with the Chinese army and enrolling in the program concocted by Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender

The historical episode is well known: while the World War at a crossroads, the leaders of major Allied powers – the US, Britain and China – are found late November 1943 in Egypt to discuss ways to win the war against Japan in Asia. The film is not yet released in theaters, but the poster, in a fit of delirious patriotism, seems already to happily rewrite history. Y appears on the face closeup of a lookalike actor Mao, suggesting that he was the hero of the conference, discussing with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin Roosevelt …

In the trailer, we see Mao also declare a martial tone: The mission of the Communists through the world is to lead the fight against fascism. The problem is that the Communist leader has never met Churchill, nor set foot in Egypt.

Mao was then holed up in the countryside of Shaanxi in the north of China; is the leader of the Chinese Republic and head of the Nationalist Army, Chiang Kai-shek, who represented the countries in Cairo, accompanied by his elegant wife, Soong May-ling. The dissemination of the poster and the trailer of Statement Cairo has resulted in a flood of mockery and satirical comments on Chinese social networks.

I am outraged that my contribution to the Conference Cairo is not recognized in this film , ironically a surfer on the platform of microblogs Weibo.

D Other, more serious, recalling that it was only a last avatar multiple rewrites history … made by the Communist regime itself.

Détournements hilarious

The show also gave rise to multiple and hilarious diversions. The diverted versions did appear instead of Mao other leaders (US President Obama, the North Korean Kim Jong-Un …) or even the monster Gollum, film trilogy Lord of the Rings.

A poster showing modified downright … The current Chinese President Xi Jinping (though born in 1953). Perceiving the absurdity of the situation, even state media have distanced themselves: newspaper Global Times , linked to the Communist Party, has held inappropriate the operation of Mao to promote the film.


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