Friday, August 28, 2015

Mylène Farmer. The singer will illustrate the story of Michel Onfray – Ouest-France

On June 12, in The small journal , on Canal +, the philosopher Michel Onfray promised “a scoop” come about Mylène Farmer, he also spoke in glowing terms.

This week, the author has published on his twitter account the coverage of The Pole Star , the philosophical tale he has to appear in November. But the big surprise is the identity of the illustrator: Mylène Farmer

Currently busy preparing for his next album, Constellations , which will include a duet with Sting, the singer. has resumed its drawings pallet. A first clip from the It’s a beautiful day, in 2002, based on his sketches.

However, Mylène Farmer has meanwhile written and illustrated adult story entitled Lisa-Loup and the Storyteller . It was published in 2003.

Michel Onfray fan of Mylène Farmer

“I think there’s Mylène Farmer in an extraordinary voice, sensuality, voluptuousness . That voice is the text service that does not read, they do not listen. And when we take the text, we see that there are poems that are obviously not mallarméennes, but that’s not my thing Mallarme’s poetry, poetry incomprehensible, twisted person that does not even include those who write the “, had entrusted the philosopher in April on Radio Classique, before continuing: ” Mylène Farmer is also a body, a stage, it’s also a way of be in the system. It is not at all in front of the stage, she’s a little secret, discreet, we do not know much. And I like enough that people produce their art and be on stage and then disappear and do not exploit the vein of their privacy “.


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