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Fear the Walking Dead: the US press seduced by the spin-off of The Walking Dead? – Screenrush

The series Fear the Walking Dead spin-off of The Walking Dead, is launched this Sunday. What reception gave her the American press?


The series Fear the Walking Dead spin-off of The Walking Dead, is launched this Sunday. A zombie event awaited by all fans. Note that the first season consists of 6 episodes and a second, which include double, has already been ordered.

Fear the Walking Dead , whose action takes place before the events of The Walking Dead tells the story of Madison, guidance counselor at a Los Angeles high school. Since the death of her husband, she is bringing up her two children, Alicia and Nick, who do not really accept the new companion of their mother, a teacher from their school. Around this blended family that is struggling to pick up the pieces, strange behaviors are emerging …

  • Launch Date US: Sunday, August 23, 2015 the chain AMC
  • in France Distribution: every Tuesday at 9:35 p.m. from August 25, on Canal Plus Series. Note that the chain near-live broadcast the first episode on the night of Sunday 23 to Monday, August 24, at 3:25.


For the Denver Post: While the zombies are not your TV cup, there is much to appreciate about the construction of Fear the Walking Dead . (…) In this prequel, the viewer knows what will happen, but not the characters. This gives the whole a Hitchcockian suspense kind of a constantly terrifying subtext that helps maintain tension. – Rating: 4.5 / 5

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For Slate: The series is a zombie-like parable terrifying mirror of our times (…) This. spin-off, as well as The Walking Dead , achieves a prodigious work to set up a strange tone -. Note: 4.5 / 5

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For the New York Post: The first two episodes of the series, rich of a suspense file flesh hen, are the perfect example of how much can be effective a slow pace and a dark atmosphere. – Score: 4/5

“A zombie parabola shaped terrifying mirror of our times.” Willa Paskin Slate

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To Entertainment Weekly: The best stories of zombies are those that evoke the cultural anxieties, and the second episode of the series manages to better exploit these, with a subplot dealing with police brutality that could lead to something interesting – Rating: 3.5 / 5

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For the New York Daily News: Here there is the disturbing feeling that something is wrong, which, in terms of objectives for a drama series, means that all is well. – Rating: 4.5 / 5

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For The AV Club: What makes Fear the Walking Dead so promising, c ‘ is that it is not necessary to know anything of The Walking Dead to plunge into this adventure and enjoy -. Note: 4/5

“( …) a kind of Hitchcockian suspense, terrifying a constant subtext that helps maintain tension “Joanne Ostrow for the Denver Post

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To The quality of this production is very good and the cast is effective, even if n has not much to do in the first episode. – Score: 4/5

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For the New York Times: Credibility aside, the slow disintegration takes place in a satisfactory voltage although of . an agreed manner The challenge of The Walking Dead was to create drama without using the usual codes of the TV series. phone calls, bottling, hospital visits, police stops Fear the Walking Dead has all the available strings and does not hesitate to use -. Note: 3.5 / 5

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To The Hollywood Reporter: The first episode of 90 minutes and the second hour is, although not totally boring, certainly less exciting than The Walking Dead . – Rating: 3.5 / 5

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For Vulture: Unfortunately, despite poignant interpretations, especially on the part of Dickens and Curtis, it is difficult to have a little bit of interest in what happens to the characters, or listen to the dialogues and (even more difficult) not to pray to see a bear attack or something like that – Note:. 2 , 5/5

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“Fear the Walking Dead”, it looks like this:

Fear The Walking Dead Trailer


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