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“Dheepan”, “The Secrets of others” … Films to see this week – The Obs

The choice of “L’Observateur”

“Dheepan” , French drama by Jacques Audiard with Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan, Claudine Vinasithamby, Rottiers, Marc Zinga (1:50).

This time, his critics can not accuse Jacques Audiard not take risks,” Dheepan “is a film spoken mostly in the Tamil language with no known actors (except Rottiers) and whose main protagonists in this category that we prefer not to see, and, suddenly, it ends up not see indeed. They come from Sri Lanka, and have fled the war. On a Paris sidewalk man selling trinkets, whose appearance on the screen is accompanied by a liturgical chant, high-cons voice, which immediately gives the character an almost heroic dimension.

Audiard knows what cinema. He also knows locate topics that are dear to him, that occur without his necessarily desired, without perhaps being aware of it: as in many of his previous films, there will be no question of family. (…) PM


“Dheepan” Audiard gold

They released this week

” One Thousand and One Nights, Volume 3: The Enchanted “, Portuguese dramatic comedy by Miguel Gomes, with Crista Alfaiate, Adriano Luz, Américo Silva, Luísa Cruz (2:05)

Nice, really? It’s to do. Indeed, this last part of the trilogy of Miguel Gomes drags a bit, at the risk of boring the viewer, except fans of filmmaker may annoy having to spend most of his time reading texts that scrambling on the screen and are added to the subtitles (which are not essential to hear the Portuguese). While the company continues to excess aback, and the invention of Gomes wonders at times, but finally the truth requires that the thing in the end of travel is slowing.

a recreated Baghdad near Marseille, Scheherazade (Crista Alfaiate Américo Silva photo) multiplies the rhythm of numerous songs, all of which can claim to rival singing finches (long sequence on the art of pinsonnier), true stars of a film that looks like a bestiary: it is a small dog that, among some excluded from the world of today, made the connection. Happens to the animal to pull the tongue, nothing more natural, but a more reasonable time would probably have avoided the film to appear to do so. PM

“The Dollars sands” Argentinean film by Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán, with Geraldine Chaplin, Yanet Mojica Ricardo Ariel Toribio (1:25).

Between the beautiful novel by Jean-Noël Pancrazi (2006) and film Cárdenas and Guzmán, one important difference: in the book, an elderly man falls in love with a young prostitute, a Dominican Republic beach. In the film, it’s faded a woman (Geraldine Chaplin, photo) who falls for a young beautiful night (Yanet Mojica, photo), who could be his granddaughter.

Treaty with delicate, topic, touching, avoids clichés (particularly sex tourism), and examines the relationship of the two women, who are total opposites: a white and a black woman, a European and Caribbean, a friquée and poor …

Beautiful images, smooth, hard choices, and especially magnificent presence of Geraldine Chaplin (71), who found there one of his best roles. The film is short (too), and leaves a melancholy flavor. An Argentine blues. FF

“The Secrets of others” , American drama by Patrick Wang, Rachel Dratch, Mike Faist, Sonya Harum, Oona Laurence, (1:42).

Consider a family living in a village in the state of New York. The father, John, and mother, Ricky, did not speak, children either: Paul, 13 years old, obese, is facing the hostility of the other boys at school, the little Biscuit, 10, Dry the class more often than not and adopt behavior to say the least erratic.

But here occurs as Jessica (Sonya Harum, photo), the daughter of John, who did not 20 years but is already pregnant. Ricky then suggested the latter to stay with them until the birth of her child. A birth, there was another one in the family, but the child of John and Ricky died shortly after. Ricky knew that he probably would not live, but did not say anything to John. Its secret is the very source of her pain and therefore also that of the whole family.

This is the secret and the pain that the film dig, so allusive, elliptical, hustling chronology , giving confidence to the availability of the viewer. After “In the Family,” Patrick Wang, American filmmaker of Taiwanese origin, confirms that lacks neither intelligence nor control. And interpreters are all perfect. PM

François and Pascal Forestier Mérigeau


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