Friday, August 28, 2015

So this new “Millennium”? We, you remain hooked – Télé

In Volume 4 of “Millennium” found faithful to the characters of Stieg Larsson vision, involved a plot plunging into a burning issue, a fairly flat but effective style. In short, this new book in the saga devours.

So, it is how the new Millennium ? Some have decided, even before reading it. Outrageous and scandalous. Just a money affair conducted by greedy heirs and publishers, quick to want to extend the extraordinary success of the original trilogy: 75 million sold worldwide! Millennium is the goose that lays golden eggs. Died eleven years ago, without having had time to see his books out of print, the author, Stieg Larsson, certainly provided a sequel to the adventures of two heroes, Mikael Blomkvist and Salander, even considering a series of ten volumes. But he had entrusted his characters to another writer? The controversy continues to rebound.

The idea may indeed seem shocking, even if today, at a time of collective screenwriters working on the TV series, it tends to become commonplace. The reader knows that after all read a novel written by a new author, to judge. This publication, and the interest it arouses, in any case show that curiosity for the characters of Stieg Larsson is still vivid, ten years after the publication of the first volume. From this point of view, this fourth episode can also be seen as a tribute to their creator. This is also like this that work great detective series. Is it not primarily for news of Inspector Wallander we have read with passion each new novel by Henning Mankell?

So, it is how the new Millennium ? Good. Really. The first chapter begins with a young university professor, Cador of research in artificial intelligence. He returned to Stockholm after several years in Silicon Valley. It is tense, worried, just catch his son, autistic boy unloved by his mother’s new boyfriend. David Lagercrantz, the new author, immediately creates tension, the reader is intrigued especially by the character of this young boy whose father will soon discover the extraordinary skills. The story continues, solidly built, rapidly alternating viewpoints. Why did the young researchers so abruptly left the US? Why he encloses his house? What information does it hold that seem to challenge some American intelligence services?

David Lagercrantz multiplies the narrative son, strives to develop each character.

Like Stieg Larsson, his successor chose to stage the contradictions and excesses of a contemporary society: industrial espionage, widespread surveillance, the mixture of genres between research science, business and mafia groups. The story is very clearly documented, particularly on the issues of artificial intelligence techniques and hackers, without ever it will harm fiction. David Lagercrantz multiplies the narrative son, strives to develop each character, led many parallel actions with a nice skill.

And Salander? Mikael Blomkvist and? What do they become? It was obviously the most difficult challenge for David Lagercrantz has chosen, again, fidelity to Stieg Larsson. His characters have lost none of their charm or their complexity. Lisbeth, certainly the most successful series, has always as much pep, freedom, violence and heart, as many battles to fight against the ghosts of the past (his Camilla sister back in force), so much talent to pierce the most locked computer code, and we are delighted to see her enter the NSA servers as jubilant as she avenged her abominable guardian.

As for Blomkvist, the hero, early in the book, is tired. Writer, but also journalist David Lagercrantz stages the crisis of the press, sales erosion, decline in advertising, and pressure from shareholders on editorial topics to find more “consensual”, more ” glamor “, less” depressing “. In this context, Mikael Blomkvist, outstanding investigator, idealistic, with the high mission of information, obviously suffers. Millennium , his newspaper had to accept the entry of investors in its capital to very different from his own values. Lagercrantz accounts with great credibility in doubt and discouragement reporter. Until he will cross the path of the young specialist professor of artificial intelligence and sniff the subject which could boost sales and reputation of his newspaper …

The book is closed, we said that, like Millennium , the series is saved. The question is how many episodes she can count. Because it lacks a write singularity, a literary personality, which was already the case with Stieg Larsson. The characters of strength does enough to fit on the length?


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