Monday, August 31, 2015

Death of Wes Craven: Alexandre Aja tribute to his mentor and gives his top 5 – MetroNews

“It was sweet, cultured, kind, humble, discreet …” Alexandre Aja not say enough to describe Wes Craven, his mentor, died Aug. 30 suites with brain cancer. “We did not expect it. He never talked about his illness, not even to people very close to him … He kept the secret. I will miss him. We will miss him,” said the young filmmaker French, voice imprint of sadness. “Against all odds, he came to horror by accident and stayed for curse. He deeply longed to make a different kind of cinema, more connected to life, to reality.” Nevertheless, the maestro will be remembered thanks to a rich filmography in cold sweat. By Alexandre Aja offers a detailed top 5.

1. The Elm Street
“This is the first horror movie I wanted to see in my life. Based an original story, Wes Craven managed to score his hero in the collective imagination, like the bogeyman before him. Everybody knows Freddy Krueger, even those who have never seen The Elm Street . All that exceeded the simple framework of fiction or pop-culture. It is a form of myth. The result haunt us forever. He has the power to create an insidious fear that accompanies the spectator during long. “

2. The Last House on the Left
“Unlike all postmodern filmmakers, Wes had the humility to say when he was offered to make a film of horror ‘. I do not know how to go against For I made documentaries and I can base myself on that’ Drawing from La Source Ingmar Bergman. He has staged something new, never seen. Shot in the shoulder, this film of extreme force, is one of the most traumatic experiences I’ve had. He d Besides big influence for High Voltage . Thanks Wes! “

3. The Hills Have Eyes
“Here, Wes Craven has transposed in the California desert a true story that took place in Ireland in the 15th century. A relevant idea which gives rise to a delusional world. Certainly, it is not up to the previous two. It has aged, the actors are not very good but there is the continuity of ideas. I remember was delighted discovering the remake. He was quite proud. It was a way for him to reclaim this film he was not necessarily satisfied. “

4. The People Under the Stairs, and Shoker The grip of darkness
“These three features are equal in their inequality and fascinating in their uniqueness. They are extremely well seal Wes Craven. We are far from the quality of the Elm Street or The Last House on the Left but they exude a charm and incredible ambition. And it ?, despite their very next series B. Their strength They are based on very original soils: The basement of fear from a news item, Shocker wonders if one can escape his past and his executioner and The influence of Darkness works as a documentary on voodoo. “

5. Scream
“C. is a monument in the history of cinema considerate. He unfortunately marked a decade a bit poor. I think of all the films that came out as Remember last summer or Urban Legend … All these turnips that killed genre cinema in the 90s … (thinking) Scream a crazy qualities: an impressive scenario of humor, a realistic scene setting … The killer stumbles, falls, takes shots … This one does not usually see. The knife strokes are real because the person giving is human. Wes hesitated a long time to realize it because he was afraid of possible miscellaneous violent, as was the case after the release of The Last House on the Left . “


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