Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cleopatra: A series offer a different vision of the Queen of Egypt – Screenrush

Mark Antony and Julius Caesar did not become famous thanks to their relationship with Cleopatra. This is the credo of a new series project, which aims to show that the Queen of Egypt had considerable influence on the great of his time.

A series will take a fresh look on the legendary Cleopatra. Currently développement, the show will offer a version of the story of the famous queen showing that Mark Antony and Julius Caesar did not become famous because she attended them. This version “modernized” will present a conscious heroine of the importance of myth and power he gives it

The series is intended to be written and directed by Shekhar Kapur, director of Elizabeth and Elizabeth -.. The Golden Age with Cate Blanchett on a similar theme The production goal is to reveal the human being behind the myth of Cleopatra. The question is what actress can bring all its grace, its power of seduction and charisma to the Queen of Egypt. According to Deadline, the casting is in progress …

Do not forget the eternal Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor:

Teaser Cleopatra


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