Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frankenstein movie beast – The Point

The poster of the upcoming movie about Dr. Victor Frankenstein luxury-like cast: James McAvoy ( X-Men , Atonement ), Daniel Radcliffe ( Harry Potter ) and Jessica Brown Findlay ( The Riot Club ). Posted Tuesday, the first trailer for Doctor Frankenstein , scheduled for November 25, is the least explosive. A doctor ever more obsessive, dedicated assistant, members skinned, terrible beasts, lightning, sparks, a nagging Break On Through (To the Other Side) Doors to dress it all and voila.

The Gothic novel by English author Mary Shelley, Frankenstein (1818), never ends to be rehabilitated. The quest of Victor Frankenstein, MD, and his right arm, Igor, to create life and the birth of a monster remains subject of fascination. After making a few episodes of the series Sherlock Paul McGuigan tackles this umpteenth adaptation. The bet size.

A first feature film in 1931

The mystery surrounding Frankenstein is great. Many people believe, for example, that Frankenstein is the monster. Dr. Frankenstein is “a” monster in itself, but it is he who created the beast. The other common mistake is to believe that the first film adaptation is that of James Whale. Now, a short film of 12 minutes featuring the characters Frankenstein was released in 1910. Two other adaptations but none will follow the success of the feature film of James Whale , released in 1931. It will carry a suite, four years later, with the unforgettable Boris Karloff in The Bride of Frankenstein .

morally dubious experiments of Frankenstein are being images of very many times through scrupulous adaptations, remakes and parodies. The public is marked by the release of Kenneth Branagh in 1994, very faithful to the novel by Mary Shelley. This is Robert De Niro ( The Godfather ) that interprets the monster, and the director himself, Kenneth Branagh, who plays the character of the doctor.

The latest adaptation, directed by Stuart Beattie, date of last year alone. Having played the disfigured Harvey Dent The Dark Knight , Aaron Eckhart is adorned with scars and takes on the role of the immortal monster in I, Frankenstein . And because cinema is not enough to the madness of the doctor, Canal + has acquired the rights to broadcast of a British series currently in development. The Chronicles Frankenstein will stage Sean Bean ( Lord of the Rings , Game of Thrones ) in six episodes over 50 minutes. In London in the 1820s, an inspector set off in search of the doctor and his beast made of body parts. Enticing.


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