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“Star Wars” that George Lucas and Disney revealed at D23 – Le Point

The D23 is the appointment biennial Disney fans. Three days the studio with round ears slightly lifts the veil on its development projects and delighting aficionados of exclusive unseen footage and ads. The fourth edition of this convention took place this weekend in Anaheim, a small town off Los Angeles which houses the oldest of Disneyland.

A very special edition because it is the first since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney. And Star Wars was indeed the absolute star of the festivities, handily crushing the competition applause. The rule of total secrecy about future episodes left, of course, in force but some information has leaked under the watchful eye of Mickey. And George Lucas himself has shared a little secret about the most hated character in the saga … But resuming.

The director of Jurassic World takes joysticks Star Wars IX

The rumor had announced, it is now confirmed: after dinosaurs Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow will handle George jedis Lucas. The filmmaker of 38 years is responsible for the final installment of the new trilogy, Episode IX, scheduled for 2019. “He stole his record to our Avengers but was hired anyway” joked the president of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn, referring to the historical box office Jurassic World.

“I want to work with Colin since j I saw Safety not Guaranteed says the president of Lucasfilm in a statement. The power of this film and the huge success of Jurassic World say a lot about his talents as a writer and director. “Big fan of Star Wars , Trevorrow promised to” invoke what George Lucas has instilled in each of us: a boundless creativity, inventiveness and pure hope. “

Hannibal joined Star Wars Rogue One, that’s ‘appears in a first official photo

The cast of the first episodes of standalone derivatives Lucasian universe has been unveiled. Among the newcomers, there is Mads Mikkelsen, star of the series Hannibal big bad Casino Royale and interpretation at Cannes for Hunt . The Mexican Diego Luna is also part, alongside, in particular, Forest Whitaker ( The Butler ) and Ben Mendelsohn ( Bloodline ). The little band is led by Felicity Jones, seen in The Theory of Everything, star of a tantalizing snapshot revealed at the D23.

Dingo is the father of Jar Jar Binks

Very quiet since the sale of his company to Disney, George Lucas has broken unusually silent during the ceremony of the Disney Legends Awards, where he was consecrated. Upon receiving the prize, the father of Star Wars said it had tapped into much his love of Disney to feed its work. “I’ll tell you a secret, he confided then, few people realize it, but Dingo inspired Jar Jar Binks. “Before the public and hilarious, often, critic of this character, Lucas signed with the phlegmatic humor that characterizes it:” I love and I love Goofy Jar Jar Binks. “

Star Wars is housed in Disneyland

Determined to capitalize on its investment, Disney has decreed a” season Star Wars “in parks (Space Mountain becomes HyperSpace Mountain) and, especially, announced the creation of two sub-park of about six hectares each on the theme Star Wars . This will be the largest expansion ever dedicated to a single film. “These new territories to Disneyland (California), and Disney World (Florida) transport visitors on a planet Star Wars whole, with an epic adventure that will place them in the middle of a key fight between the First Order and the Resistance “described the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger. Besides military experience, the public can “take control” of the famous Millennium Falcon …

Darth Vader s offer a PlayStation

To conclude the festivities, fans were able to admire a new PlayStation console, with the image of Darth Vader. This limited collector’s edition will be on sale from November 17, to mark the release of the highly anticipated game Star Wars Battlefront .


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