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Jacques Audiard: “A gold palm it does not change” –

Jacques Audiard:” A gold palm it does not change “ Image Credit: LOIC VENANCE / AFP Credit Media Stéphane Boudsocq

Dheepan by Jacques Audiard, sacred last May in Cannes, is to discover our Wednesday screens. Before talking about the film and the film of Audiard, back on the charts after there just three months. Does it change something in a director of life and life itself, receiving a Golden Palm? “Maybe they have changed but I am not at all overview”, said Jacques Audiard RTL . I feel that the job is done. (…) I did not feel worthy (…). The Palme is an important event, but does not change anything for me. “

An exclusive club

” A palm that does not change, “says Jacques Audiard, except that it comes into effect in a small exclusive club! French filmmakers 7 just got it. But do not talk Jacques Audiard to belong to any brotherhood. “This is perhaps the notion of family or club. Maybe we could even decline to Chapel … I do not want to join, but then I feel very French in the movies that I make, “he told Jacques Audiard.

What is amusing is that Dheepan is on paper probably the least French film by Jacques Audiard . He managed to interest us the fate of a clandestine political exiled Sri Lankans in France came to escape the civil war in his country by making himself a false family and to face another conflict. That of a gang-ravaged suburb where he won concierge job.

This is a dense film, lecture, haunted by violence and love. As in A Prophet, Rust and os or The Beat My heart stopped is again the story of a character who has to learn to become what it was not intended to be . After public and critical success of his last films, Jacques Audiard moves on but reshuffles the cards, giving the show from unknown actors speaking in a language that is equally , Tamil.

In the race for Oscars?

Jacques Audiard also one of the best known French filmmakers abroad . Programmed in festivals, often rewarded, nominated for Oscars for A Prophet. is also bet that he will be the candidate of France for a statuette for best foreign film in February next , with good chances of prevail. Jacques Audiard assumes that rank and takes things as usual. With irony and distance

Between the Golden Palm in late May, the output of Dheepan Wednesday and promotion World, Jacques Audiard trying to think of the future. “I’ll rewrite a screenplay that I wrote two years ago” , said the director RTL . The adaptation of a western novel, The Sisters Brothers . John C. Reilly (actor seen in Gangs of NY , Chicago , Aviator or recently in Carnage Polanki) will play a major role of Sisters Brothers or Sisters Brothers , the next film by Jacques Audiard.

Meanwhile, Dheepan , the Golden Palm last Cannes film comes out Wednesday.

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