Thursday, August 27, 2015

Millennium 4: a carefully orchestrated release – Le Figaro

The publication, shrouded in mystery, the fourth volume of the adventures of Mikael Blomkvist has aroused great expectation among players and some annoyance with the press.

Only the output volumes of Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey had created such turmoil. And yet difficult to describe the impatience to discover that there is the fourth book in the Millennium saga. What does not kill me released in bookstores today, reprinted 500,000 copies. With a first characteristic: the author is no longer Stieg Larsson, David Lagercrantz. The writer of the first three novels in the saga being brutally died in 2004 before the release of the first volume, the Swedish Norstedts publishing house has found a replacement.

But this is not the only curiosity of this eagerly awaited book. The Swedish publisher has implemented a policy of strict secrecy. No media has had access to the novel before its simultaneous release in 25 countries today. Policy that the Danish newspaper Politiken recently complained in an opinion. And author David Lagercrantz, no question of letting fuiter some information.

This is far what we knew of the plot. Mikael Blomkvist, the superjournaliste the first three books, is no longer in the game. When a researcher entrusted sensitive information that concern the American intelligence service, the reporter takes the bull by the beast. Especially since the scientist is in contact with a mysterious hacker could well be Salander.

The exercise was not easy. In a telephone interview with RTL, David Lagercrantz, co-author of the famous biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic confided: “I was terrified when I started to write, but I think sometimes it’s a good thing because you are more focused, you give the best of yourself. “

And now, what is it? The style remains the same. Factual. Difficult to avoid when one is oneself a former journalist. But can you really blame him? Stieg Larsson himself was encumbered little literary flourishes.

As evidenced by the first lines: “Frans Balder was still considered a lousy father. The small August had already eight years, and to this day Frans never tried to take on his role as father. Even at that moment, he had been wrong to claim that he felt comfortable with his responsibilities. But he felt it was his duty. “You be the judge for the future.


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