Sunday, August 23, 2015

The development of Renaud on his album scheduled for September – Le Figaro

Through his lawyer, the singer refuted the words of Thierry Séchan on Europe 1 Sunday. He told AFP that his disk, which does not participate in his older brother out well in this fall.

Their quarrel had lasted five years . Thierry Séchan had even written a book in which he settled scores with Renaud. The hatchet seemed buried between the two brothers. The elder singer had announced in June that the interpreter of Mistral Gagnan t even preparing a new album from his refuge in the Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Vaucluse.

This Sunday morning the microphone of our colleagues from Europe 1 , Thierry Séchan even claimed that the album finally come out for Christmas. A record that, according to him, contained both things “very pretty and poor”. He also said to have written a song text that Renaud had loved her but composers dismissed. Noting in passing that Renaud continued to drink and had not yet “no desire at all” to stop, what he had already said in June.

“There a few years, he said, commit suicide slowly and continuously. For years he donned a half-bottle of pastis per day is too much, thus ensured Thierry Séchan. But it will not stop until he has met a new “great love”. He added that “health check”: “His vocal cords go well even if he has not sung for years.”

His comments have displeased Renaud. In a statement sent to AFP, his lawyer Stephane Loisy said his brother, “with whom Renaud maintained a rocky relationship for several months, does not participate in the recording of this new album.”

And the singer is “dissociated completeness remarks” made by Thierry Séchan Europe 1 Sunday about his upcoming album and his health.

Renaud, who has published more of album since Molly Malone in 2009, announced in June that it would come out a new album in September.

“All statements made regularly in recent months by Thierry Séchan on the health of his brother Renaud and on the artistic content of the album (…) are solely Thierry Séchan and can in no way be considered as having been validated by the singer who combines it in any case, “added the statement which reflects the atmosphere right now in the clan Séchan.


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