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Lou Doillon and Jane Birkin, ‘I have not had the same mother Charlotte and Kate’ – Pure People

Jane Birkin had three daughters: Kate, born photographer torque with composer John Barry and died suddenly in 2013, Charlotte, child she had with Serge Gainsbourg and Lou, the fruit of its history with director Jacques Doillon. It is the latter who speaks in Elle magazine she made the cover, on the occasion of the release of his new album, Lay Low including the first single, Where to Start . A disc that succeeded his album Places (2012) to the public and flamboyant critical success. In his interview, the artist talks about his musical work, what feeds his art and frankly discuss his illustrious family was not spared by the tragedy.

For years, Lou Doillon sought his place in the art world, but also in his own family. “ I come from a dynasty of artists and at the same time, I’m not one completely gone. My mother left Serge Gainsbourg for living a love affair with Jacques Doillon, father, someone a very reserved, very discreet. Their relationship was quite peaceful, away from the media, away from all that my mother had experienced with Serge in the 1970s, this glamorous life and success, of great financial success. If although I always had the feeling of being an intruder, a small bastard who was not part of the royal circle ‘Gainsbourg / Birkin’, not knowing at all what Charlotte could live. I ‘ have not had the same mother as Kate or Charlotte. My mother to me does not show in the press. Serge was obsessed by success, by the media. As my father lives in the country, stands back, makes gardening and tinkering his films in his corner, without a penny.

We crossed a storm that we do deliver probably never.

Lou Doillon has not imposed in the movies but in music and her album Places is incontrovertible proof. For its second disc, it is obviously expected a little more around the corner. Success changes things, it amended its place in the family but also restores some things: “ But events took place infinitely beyond my album and my little person the death of my. Kate sister [in December 2013], we crossed a storm which no work has probably never will hand Many people stopped me in the street and say.. ‘I too have experienced a suicide This is terrible. “We emphasize the term used by Lou Doillon. So far, the death of Kate Barry was not presented as a suicide, modesty and because of the pain. The singer would come to it indirectly, the words on the drama?

Kate Barry, 46, fell from his apartment on the fourth floor of its building rue Claude-Chahu in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Relief could only note the death of the photographer, whose dead body was found in the courtyard of the building. According to the first elements of the investigation cited by Le Monde , it could be a defenestration; antidepressants were found in the apartment closed from the inside. The survey was to determine whether there was indeed an accident or a suicide, but since then nothing has been said again.

Try to be as gentle and kind to those we love.

Frank, Lou Doillon trusts with total freedom, not idealizing those around him or her -even. This is to do some controversy, as when exposes his views on femininity and that is far from unanimous. This also allows him to show another day in his family, away from fantasies. She will tell how well his uncle, his mother’s brother, an English aristocrat, a little crazy, neurotic and flamboyant, left everything to the children. Until his son died in a car accident. “ We were very close, says Lou, it was a first shock today with the death of Kate, all this madness seems sad. (…) In my family, we sang many beautiful songs that exalted melancholy, self-destruction. When one is faced with the death of his sister, all this has nothing seductive.

His priority is” to assume that we will all spend and try to be as gentle and caring with loved ones “. His family reacted differently to the disappearance of Kate Barry. Charlotte Gainsbourg went to live in New York with his mate Yvan Attal and their three children, Ben, Joe and Alice. Her mother, suffering from an autoimmune disease, it can be done. And she, Lou Doillon, trying to protect his son Marlowe, 13 and welcomes the help she has with her sisters Doillon “ with whom it goes very well “.

Read the full interview in Elle magazine of 21 August
Lay Low, new album by Lou Doillon (Barclay Universal) in October 9th bins. On tour in France from 24 October.


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