Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hugh Jackman in The Voyage of The Hunger Games director – Le Figaro

Wolverine The interpreter may soon play Ulysses in a rereading of Homer’s epic. Francis Lawrence, director of the first part of the dystopian saga, is in charge.

Wolverine he soon will face the cyclops? The website The Wrap reveals that Hugh Jackman, the interpreter of the famous mutant saga X-Men , is in talks to star in a rereading The Odyssey ‘s Homer. Francis Lawrence, the director of the first Hunger Games , is in control of this blockbuster.

According to the US site, Hugh Jackman will play the role of Odysseus. The actor Australia and Chappie has met several times with the film crew and the director, but nothing is signed yet.

The epic of Homer has been adapted to the cinema several times. In 2000, the Coen Brothers have delivered a particularly shifted version with O’Brothers .

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine again later in the the Immortal Combat (2013) by James Mangold. The actor will also be a Blackbeard proofreading Peter Pan Joe Wright signed due out October 21.


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