Monday, August 31, 2015

Wes Craven: the secret history of the evil clutches of Freddy Krueger – Le Figaro

The director of Elm Street died Sunday at the age of 76. But how the master of horror he had the idea of ​​the terrifying clawed glove worn by Robert Englund, who hacks people in their dreams?

Although its creator Wes Craven died Sunday frightening Freddy Krueger continues to haunt the collective imagination – and its worst nightmares. Launched in 1984 with The Elm Street , the first saga of the American horror director was inspired by a news item of Los Angeles Times : a Cambodian child, traumatized by the Vietnam War, refused to sleep because of his constant nightmares. One evening, he had managed to get to sleep, his parents were awakened by her screams, before returning to the lifeless and face marked by terror.

Wes Craven then imagines a serial killer in the burned face and which, at night, is murder of young people in their sleep. What makes this even more terrifying bogeyman? His weapon: a glove decorated with large sharp blades, he wears most often the right hand. “I was looking a fear deeply rooted in the collective subconscious. I found that animal claws and I transposed in a human hand “, had explained at the time the director of Scream . An anecdote that the director had also shared on his Twitter account last year, on the occasion of the thirty anniversary of the release of Elm Street .

A few days after , the director confided that the first time that the actor Robert Englund tried the famous glove interpéter the character of Freddy, he had accidentally cut.

In the original script, Freddy Krueger himself manufactures even his weapon with fishing knives and an old leather glove in an old abandoned boiler room. During the first six components, the glove consists of only four claws, the thumb being excluded. In 1994, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare , he has five, because the weapon is part of the hand of the killer. Wes Craven put a point of honor to the glove gives the impression of being easy to achieve. If that was the case at the beginning of the saga, the weapon appears much sophisticated in the remake Freddy’s Elm Street , released in 2010.

Yet another transformation is expected: according to the website The Tracking Board, the production company New Line Cinema is preparing a new film adaptation of Wes Craven. Little information Filte yet but already we know already that the script will be signed David Leslie Johnson ( Esther , Conjuring 2 ).


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