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Raiders (France 3): Lino Ventura and Alain Delon, first conquerors of Fort Boyard – TV

To announce the premiere film Rochelle Raiders in April 1967, in La Rochelle, South West newspaper wrote:

“Raiders skillfully exploit the photogenic Fort Boyard, taken from his solitude by the cinemascope and color.”

In fact, building the ghost ship-like is totally abandoned the shooting of gold in 1966. Four years Earlier, the French Navy has put this building bulky auction: it was bought for 28,000 francs by a Belgian dentist. But the happy owner never set foot in the building that suffered not only the ravages of time and the ocean, but many looting. He also served as a target for the Germans during the Second World War.

In the film, it is also a Nazi ammunition box found in the fort by a kid that is used by the tandem Alain Delon / Lino Ventura in the final shooting, memorable: u legendary action scenes of French cinema, scope by the unforgettable Music François de Roubaix .

Based on a novel by José Giovanni , Raiders Robert Enrico tells a treasure hunt. D ésertés by success, Roland ( Lino Ventura ) and Manu ( Alain Delon ) two friends united by their common passion for extreme sports and … for the beautiful Laetitia ( Joanna Shimkus ), in search of sunken treasure. Their journey full of surprises, the leads off the coast of Africa, before finding its epilogue at Fort Boyard where Laetitia grew up, dreaming of buying this building lost at sea.

Three major sequences were shot in Fort Boyard:

The first begins with the arrival of Alain Delon at the Fort. He joined Lino Ventura and a young boy: the opportunity to discover the inner courtyard of Fort cluttered with rubble. Then comes the interior scene where the three characters discover explosives She was really strong Liédot tour on the island of Aix. Then Lino Ventura launches explosives into the sea from the terrace.

The second sequence is the cult shooting that lasts no less than 8 minutes, when three people were attacked by armed men who défouraillent in the inner courtyard, the cells and onto the terrace of the Fort for the final scene of the film, poignant.

The final sequence to which the ending takes place, is a panoramic view around the fort, filmed from a helicopter. The bonus DVD edition of the 40th anniversary return to the recordings made in situ as a close team. A metal seat was suspended from a cable stretched between the Fort and a trawler to transport men and equipment, strong having no access to the sea and wind gusts preventing the helicopter from landing there.

It seems that it is in discovering the latest images of Raiders the producer Jacques Antoine had the brilliant idea of ​​turning Fort Boyard citadel in a game televised adventures whose success has not denied since 1990. Recently, it was the daughter of Alain Delon , Anouchka , who played the adventurous Fort by confronting its own fears. Pretty handover!


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