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DIRECT. Rock en Seine: late afternoon with psychedelic Tame Impala – FranceTV info

21.25 Wow, what a slap! Writing Culturebox love Parquet Short from their passage here two years ago. And it is still full membership! Their supercharged punk garage, very square and free both worked wonders. At the crossroads of the best of New York and London post-punk, they exude a positive and inspiring energy. When will the big stage of Rock en Seine? In two years?

21.00 Go for Alt-J on the scene of the waterfall, another highlight of this third-awaited day.

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“Tonight is our last festival summer, it ‘s gonna explode together. “the singer of Alt-J color ad in almost perfect French. In the dense crowd from the stage of the cascade, everyone seems to know the words unclassifiable songs of the group. And “explodes”, this is true even if it is unclear whether the musicians and screens do not help, their energy and public enthusiasm are communicative.

20.00 Tame Impala at least as expected Sunday at Rock en Seine that hookers watch on the Main Stage, sulfur and less apprehension. With its monumental but clear and precise as we would like to be rewarded more often in this place, Kevin Parker and his family sent from the second as the masterful “Let it Happen”, flagship of the new album “Currents” released in the heart summer. We waited and he dare: the way broken record sequence placed in the heart of the piece, that irritating incongruity during the first listening become so addictive that now calls the great

Barefoot. dressed in a shirt pink tie and die, the Australian leader of the psychedelic revival in recent years to the crowd and expressed his joy at being “back at Rock en Seine” where his band had played the same place two years ago.

19.50 The hoarse voice Mark Lanegan , former companion of Kurt Cobain resonates on the stage of the industry.

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19.30 For more than two years now, it has closely followed the rise of Jungle , led by Josh and Tom, two multi-instrumentalists childhood friends and producers from London. Since the small stage in front of the Nouveau Casino 150 people to this major stage Rock en Seine, their pop funk has never disappointed. And for good reason: they have always made their chips with the scene in mind. Surrounded by two musicians and two singers, they held their tubes with a science of unstoppable groove: “Platoon,” “The Heat”, “Busy earning” and “Time”, while the album goes there and the public take this bubble warm to dance languidly. They are perfect but we can not help thinking it’s time to take back to the studio to renew the set. To see replay on our website.

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19.10 very sparse before the Public Live Pressure scene to discover the new draft Luke Temple that has clearly not captivated festivalgoers who preferred to move to Jungle. It is true that the atmosphere is much more relaxed here, but also very attractive. With this group called Here We Go Magic , the singer from Brooklyn rose from his folk pop classic style to a much more daring rock tinged New Wave 80s and African music. A rare opportunity to ask for a moment in the hectic pace of the festival.

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18.40 The British Hot Chip make the public dance to the Main Stage, it moves in all directions. We are surprised to hear a “Happy Birthday” sung in a voice pop Daft Punk or “Dancing in the dark” Springsteen electro sauce.

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18.00 A little pop, a little soul, a little electro, Seinabo Sey offers a powerful show that owes much to his voice, deep and haunting, which grips you and keeps moving. She speaks (in English) with the public, does not hesitate to embark on a song a cappella: “We have the melody but has not yet occurred, we thought you were going to sing “…

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17.45 The festival publishes now his attendance figure of 2015: 120 000 people over the three days . Like last year. This is the maximum gauge. Record equaled, Rock en Seine has filled up during the three days of excellent health sign!

17.10 They are not many people who came to listen to Natalie Prass Live on stage pressure. Retro melodies it accompanies a light, childish voice make you want to dance slow dances cheek against cheek and hair slicked back, returning 50 years back. That does not mean she has no guts: some of his songs more rock and more modern offering a mix of genres amazing. The crowd thickens elsewhere …

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17.00 “ Free energy I am You and You Are I”: Ty Segall, faces painted white like voodoo carnival, accompanied by a bassist dress rainbow sky and a guitarist in the long curly wig how Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Seventies start very hard with his power trio Fuzz .
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We had not seen so many people on stage the Casdade has this hour since the beginning of the festival. Ty Segall and his two friends had surprised everyone with their heavy album psyche and it goes on stage. To those who found the drive a bit gloomy, Fuzz responds with silliness. The three boys are playing with a good humor and total commitment. And despite a bit messy side is totally enjoyable

Fuzz Rock en Seine

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Sacred Ty, we want more (if our eardrums can take a little shocked).

Natalie Prass 16.50 starts in five minutes, before the person scene Live pressure. Where festival goers are?

16.25 Come and see what kind of wood to warm the French rock phenomenon Last Train on the stage of Industry. The singer and guitarist Jean-Noël plays and sings as if his life depended on it. Very young mad dog, it does not take up, holds his guitar as a driving a racing car, braille his lungs and regularly launches fine stump up. In the fourth title, there is more and down into the pit has to rub the crowd. During the break misleading the song, the audience roared in anticipation of the power jet he feels unstoppable rise.

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My Morning Jacket 16.15 began her concert on the big stage. Straight landed in Louisville, Kentucky, Jim James and his comrades rake off musically, melting rock, pop and folk, among others. Their sound enveloping has style. Party at the end of the advanced stage, the singer’s head is covered with a black towel and sequencer carries his around his neck.

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With its trippy and very sophisticated melodies, while remaining strong, My Morning Jacket managed to tame the public of the afternoon, not the easiest.

15.30 Shirtless, hat and big smile to the lips, Juan Wauters and look of Jonathan Richman brings a breath of fresh air on the lawn of the stage of the cascade . Accompanied by two companions roads in unprecedented style, the songwriter recites with great generosity beautiful folk walks in front of a portrait surtitles “Who me?” Crude art of great sweetness. Perfect for an early sunny afternoon. A report that Juan Wauters was signed by the label of Mac DeMarco (Captured Tracks), a rowdy others who impressed here last year.

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15.20 A singer dancing as if his body was made of rubber, a similarly elastic voice, slightly doctored, crossed the synths, this is the recipe for psychedelic rock Pond . The musicians, most of whom also play with Tame Impala, have many fans on-enthusiastic about the scene Live pressure, generally more confidential. And fan, it must be to lay sweating in the music Pond. “It’s hot damn. I like being dropped in a pool,” says the singer. Pond mean basin, very appropriate.

14.50 We knew we could count on them, the five boys We Are Match does not disappoint us. But in this early third day Rock en Seine, their set proves beyond expectations. We arrive in cavalant after 15 minutes together on liquids climates and carressants of “Over The Sea” and the magic is already working even before the scene is in order and that the title, a slow uninterrupted ascent is reached its climax . And Clack, it’s the blackout! The spring-mounted 5 boys did not let dismount and continue, hilarious, to occupy the stage, clapping their hands and on their barrels. The public supports. It is awarded a Shark removed, tense, they issue in osmosis. The quintet ends with a “Speaking Machine” anthology, which with its low plumper, has the wingspan of a scenic Foals.

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We Are Match is entitled starting a long standing ovation, a rarity for a first show of the day
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While their first album, the stunning “Shores” is due on September 25, it is certain now resolutely to review in 2016 on much larger scenes: they have the size.

14.45 They are called heirs of Led Zeppelin. Germans Kadavar together at Rock en Seine lovers of big sound that move rhythmically head up and down as if to approve this decidedly rock material input.

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14.35 Go for this third and last festival day. We Are Match (Industry Scene) and Kadavar (Main Stage) start almost simultaneously.

We are Match at Rock en Seine

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It’s 32 ° in the shade, the afternoon promises to be even hotter than yesterday. Good thing the program is equally important. From your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, you can follow the concert We Are Match, live on Culturebox, the first in a long series


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