Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Two journalists killed in full live America in shock – Le Figaro

VIDEO / GRAPHICS – Alison Parker, 24, and James Ward, 27, reporters from a local TV station in Virginia, were shot dead in full broadcast Wednesday morning. The gunman, a former employee of the chain, was then shot after filming the slaughter.

From our correspondent to United States

It is 6:45 am in Moneta, a small town deep in the Virginia and Alison Parker, 24, is interviewing Vicky Gardner, the owner of local Chamber of Commerce, announcing a series of events to promote the tourism potential of the lake. Alison smiles at the camera, holding his microphone to his interlocutor. But suddenly, a shot fired in the direction we hear the two women and several others. Alison screams and tries to escape, disappearing from the field of view while Vicky Gardner moved. At the other end of the line, we see the presenter of the small local chain WDBJ7 resume aback antenna, without understanding what is happening.

She’ll seconds later Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward, 27, died coldly slaughtered while Vicky Gardner is injured and transported to the local hospital. With this surreal assassination live on air – a video of which is available on the Internet – the small community of Moneta, Virginia and America plunged into horror and amazement. “How the killer he was able to fly to these families, those of Alison and Adam, their lives, their happiness and their love ?, told, broken, the director of the Jeffrey Marks chain. They illuminated the press room every morning … “

While it fell under the bullets of the killer, the cameraman, Adam Ward, who seems to have continued to hold the camera in a last reflex professional, set a fleeting image of her killer. According to police, it would be Vester Flanagan, a former reporter for the television channel that had been dismissed. On Wednesday, it was found by the police, and according to CNN, would have been shot while they tried to arrest him. The US television network was not able to tell if he was dead.

Vester Flanagan was known at the antenna under the name of Bryce Williams. According to CNN, it would have posted on Twitter and Facebook, a terrifying video of the crime, he would have filmed using a go-pro, even though he went into action. This film is no longer accessible. A long 26-page fax, signed that same Bryce Williams, also happened to be writing the ABC at night. This would be a kind of manifesto explaining his act. “Obviously, the man was seeking attention,” commented CNN reporters.

In recent months, Alison Parker, who had just finished studying journalism and made his debut in the local station, shared the life of Chris Hurst, Evening newsreader to the same chain television. “We had to move in together, we were in love, I’m paralyzed,” tweeted her fiancé. Adam was meanwhile also engaged to a producer of the station, Melissa Ott. “We have a pastor here in the studios that help us, explained the director with CNN, his voice cracking. This new tragedy should not fail to revive the debate about the incredible ease with which anyone can get weapons and go kill his neighbor in America … “


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