Thursday, August 27, 2015

What kills Millennium 4 – Le Figaro

CRITICISM – The highly publicized and very controlled output of the fourth title of the Swedish series can not hide the mediocrity of a company under more marketing than literature

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It takes almost a magnifying glass to distinguish, in this fourth volume of Millennium, Stieg Larsson’s name. The creator of the series the surname appears tiny on the first page of the volume that can turn almost mechanically without noticing: “ Millennium 4 by characters created by Stieg Larsson (1954- 2004), “is it tersely stated. Next, the name of David Lagercrantz is printed in Majesty.

His face, readers have discovered in recent months through the articles that have been devoted to it since the announcement of the release of a posthumous following the famous Swedish trilogy. This former journalist and biographer rather feebly defended the idea of ​​perpetuating a …


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