Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Die Hard, W9: 9 things to know about this cult movie! [Photos] – Star TV

1. Die Hard scenario is adapted from the novel Nothing Lasts Forever , Roderick Thorp. An author previously adapted for the screen in 1960 with Detective , played by Frank Sinatra . A clause in the contract stipulating that it should be offered priority any further adventures of John McClane, he was, at 73, the first actor to read the script for Die Hard . Funny thing, Bruce Willis made his first screen appearance in the film Deadly Sin in 1980, where he met Sinatra coming out of a bar.

2. Clint Eastwood has acquired the rights to the novel Nothing Lasts Forever in the early 1980s in hopes of being the hero of the film would be shot.

3. Because the late Alan Rickman , who plays the formidable Hans Gruber, could not help but jump when he had to use a firearm, director John McTiernan must minimize the length of the face plans where you can see the draw. In the scene where Gruber lamp Takagi, we can also see very clearly the actor flinch when shot.

4. The Nakatomi building from Die Hard is actually that of 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, still under construction at the time. To simulate explosions ravaging an entire floor, heads of special effects lit up the stage in question with many powerful spots then superimposed image with that of the destruction of a model of the building painted black.

5. A upon landing at the beginning of the film, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is holding in her arms a teddy bear wearing a red bow tie which is found two years later alongside Jack Ryan, alias Alec Baldwin at the end of at the October Pursuit Red , directed by John McTiernan the same.

6. The first day of shooting, the same Alan Rickman, definitely not cut out for action, has messed cartilage of a knee jumping … a meter high at a scene where he continues John McClane . His doctor advised him not to rely on it for a week, during which he had to use crutches not being filmed in close-up.

7. In 1985, Bruce Willis was still on the set (the day) in the series that made him famous, Moonlight when he began one of Die Hard , he joined the trays at night.

8. Bruce Willis has accepted the role of John McClane after it was rejected by Robert De Niro . Before De Niro, Charles Bronson and Richard Gere had also been approached.

9. Before playing supporting roles in Hollywood, Alexander Godunov (who plays a terrorist, Karl, Die Hard ) was principal dancer at the Bolshoi in Moscow. It was during a tour of the United States, in August 1979, it requested asylum, creating a diplomatic incident between the United States and the Soviet Union. Godunov died in 1995 at age 45, victim of a hepatitis worsened by his alcoholism.


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