Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Leah leaves Salame “It is not lying” – Le Point

The journalist Lea Salame leave late in the season Issue Laurent Ruquier on France 2, We’re not lying to present David Pujadas a political program on France 2, according to information Paris confirmed by France Télévisions and the producer of the program.

“Lea Salame leave We’re not lying at the end of the season “, June 25, told Agence France-Presse a spokesman Everything on the screen, the company that produced the Saturday night debate show. It will host in September the new political magazine France 2 alongside David Pujadas confirmed a representative of France Télévisions to Agence France-Presse.

“surprises” for the return

In this presidential election year, the program will replace words and deeds ( “DPDA”). Leah Salameh was conducted in April its first live interview with President of the Republic, with David Pujadas, in an unprecedented show which foreshadowed this new policy program.

Without revealing the concept of the future appointment policy France 2, the Director of Information of France Télévisions Michel Field had said in March that it would benefit from “multiple entertainment” and that he was “not excluded” that Leah Salame involved. He also promised “surprises” for the fall, including a new appointment policy, in addition to the program that will replace “DPDA”.

Lea Salame conducts sniper talents since 2014 We’re not lying and in the morning of France Inter. She was crowned Philip Caloni best price interviewer of the year in 2015.


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