Friday, November 18, 2016

24K Magic : nothing new under the sun Bruno Mars – The Figaro

CRITICAL – No surprise for one who has unofficially earned the title of “new king of pop”. Shots of funk and soul, it carries out a logical continuation of the cardboard planetary Uptown Funk, with pieces certainly playful, but too impersonal.

After four years of absence, the expectation was huge. All the more that this return is preceded by one of the biggest cartoons of all time, made with his friend Mark Ronson. And if Uptown Funk has reached the top, Bruno Mars has secured the key on his last disc, the 24K Magic, which comes out in stores this Friday, November 18.

listening begins with the single self-titled (which means “the magic power 24.000″, as he says himself). This same title that allowed him to regain the unofficial title of “new king of pop”. Beginning in full force with this piece tinsel that makes you want to tap your foot frantically, and getting up to dance.

A furious pace continued in the three following songs (Chunky, Perm, That’s What I Like). Either tributes to barely-disguised Michael Jackson. The titles dancing, very funk, which marked a real return to the soul of the 1980s and 1990s, of which Bruno Mars is inspired in large widths (to the point of being accused of plagiarism with Uptown Funk).

creates a real drop in pace, with what is surely the best song of the album, Versace On The Floor. Funk, it then goes to slow, with this title, which splits literally the album in two. A caesura unfortunate.

very beautiful songs, can be a little too impersonal, followed (Straght Up & Down, Calling All My Lovelies). With Finesse, one might even believe that Prince is still alive. This disc concludes smoothly, and through with Too Good To Say Goodbye. Nothing very new under the sun in March, but everything is well done.

note that this disc contains only nine tracks, just under 30 minutes of listening. And at 11 euros the disk (on iTunes), this is somewhat… painful.

For this that is “only” his third album, the singer delivers a disc in the continuity of his latest productions, without any real risk-taking. Songs just, but very marked. If 24K Magic is less diversified than that of Unorthodox Jukebox, it turns out to be a little more balanced. The effect of surprise in the least.

Bruno Mars is on tour for his 24K Magic Wolrd Tour 2017 to march 31, 2017 in Lille, the 8th of April in Montpellier, france, on 5 June in Paris and on 8 June in Lyon. To note, that the tickets to this mini-tour will be on sale from 21 November.


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