Sunday, November 27, 2016

Miss France 2017 : here’s the official photo of the 30 candidates ! – Gala

The long-awaited photo revealing the thirty pretenders (in a bikini) to the title of Miss France was published Sunday on the Twitter account of the director-general of the society Miss France Sylvie Tellier.

More than a simple cliché, the official photo of the candidate to the election of Miss France is an unmissable meeting for which brand of gentle way, the entrance in the winter and in the holidays. This is Sylvie Tellier, Miss France 2002 and general manager of the company Miss France, who comes from the post, this Sunday, on his Twitter account. "Among these 30 young women is #MissFrance2017 will be offered the crown? Response on the 17 December on TF1," wrote the former member of Dancing with the stars.

A picture in which the staging is of course drawn in chalk. In fact, this image is actually thought in detail by the team of the contest, as we learn from a report in The Paris. "We try to alternate between brown and blonde, and attention to race-mixing", ” she says.

In the meantime the main event of the December 17, next to Montpellier and its jury chaired by Arielle Dombasle, the thirty miss regional are actively involved in preparing the competition on the island of the Meeting. And like every year, the young beauty queens were willing to play the general knowledge test. A multiple choice test of forty questions combining news, politics, history, geography, math, entertainment, or literature. "A girl who would have 6/20, I can’t keep it in the 12 that we are going to preselect", explained Sylvie Tellier at the Paris.

But a good surprise one of the hopefuls is already coming to dethrone Inis Mittenaere and his score of 17.5 out of 20 received at the test last year. This is Meggy Pyaneeandee, alias Miss Île-de-France ! The young woman of 22 years has finished first in the ranking this year with 18/20 : "I am very happy but mostly relieved. Even if I know that I am grown, there is always a little stress to be able to prove that this is real. I had mostly pressure, because I do Sciences-Po in Paris, and I knew that it was waiting for me so very well. this is what we are taught : curiosity, reading the logs… I wanted to 18/20 to a minimum and carry high the colours of Science-Po in the adventure Miss France," said Meggy Pyaneeandee to TV Mag. A head made and very full, which is not without recalling that of Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013 and is currently in his fifth year of medicine.

photo Credit : Benjamin Decoin / SIPA


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