Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tintin landed on the Moon in the auction – Release

Tintin in weightlessness: a plank from the album “We walked on the moon,” was auctioned Saturday at the record price of € 1.55 million at an auction at Artcurial in Paris.

The board (50 x 35 cm), Chinese ink and gouache white, representing Tintin, Milou and captain Haddock, coated in a diving suit, discovering the joys of weightlessness on the moon and looking at a “clear to Land”.

The room, which alone sums up the title of the album made by the belgian cartoonist Hergé, was estimated at between 700.000 and 900.000 euros.

“It is simply fantastic. This is an exceptional price for an exceptional piece,” said Eric Leroy, an expert of the department BD of Artcurial, questioned by AFP.

This is the first time that a simple board reached such an amount.

The board, acquired by a collector, a european, was “the most beautiful on the market”, assured the expert. Of the 62 boards of the mythical album “We walked on the Moon” (1954), only four are on the market.

another board of”We walked on the Moon” was sold on it 602.500 euros late Saturday afternoon at Christie s.

Unlike the board sold by Artcurial, there is neither Tintin or any other characters created by Hergé, the attention being focused on the emergency vehicles on the ground at the time of the return and dramatic on Earth and the moon rocket.

The board, Chinese ink and gouache white (37 x 51 cm), was estimated at between 350,000 and 400,000 euros and has far exceeded this estimate.

Hergé holds most of the records of sale for the original BD. The design of the double page of Tintin’s adventures was sold (by Artcurial) more than 2.6 million euros in may 2014, while a double page of “Ottokar’s Sceptre” was sold (by Sotheby’s) to more than 1.5 million euros in October 2015.

Artcurial has also been sold for a total of 1.5 (although 1.5) million eur a rare set of 20 greeting cards-signed Hergé.

These cards, ink and watercolour, ordered Hergé in the early 1940s, are considered as the first product derived important linked to the universe of Tintin.

One sees Tintin and Snowy discover the delights of the mountain, luge and skiing, or decorating a Christmas tree, thompson and thomson, always so clumsy, wearing skis or ice skating.

A card, the only with color, representing Tintin, Milou, Haddock, thompson and thomson on a bobsled red is gone to 146.700 euros, far short of its estimate (60.000/120.000 euros).

In total, the sale of BD at Artcurial has reported 4.45 million euros.

- The ‘Thermo-Zero’ -

A board crayonnée of “Tintin and the Thermo-Zero”, an album that remained unfinished, was also sold at Christie’s for 230.500 euros.

Hergé had to start work at the end of the 1950s, after his masterpiece, “Tintin in Tibet”. It will not go any further than the sketch of the first eight boards.

Six of them are preserved at the Musée Hergé in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium. One was given by Hergé to his collaborator Bob De Moor and another to the artist Tibet, the creator of “Ric Rattle”.

It is this board (36,5 x 50 cm), which should be the fourth page of the album, which was sold by Christie s. This drawing, done in pencil on paper by the hand of Hergé (and not a designer of studios Hergé), was estimated to be between 200,000 and 250,000 euros.

One sees Tintin, Snowy and captain Haddock rescuing victims of a road accident.

A project calendar where you can see twelve characters of Tintin’s adventures, which see now the powder itself, making a round has not found a taker. Pencil drawing on paper, this piece was estimated to be between 110.000 and 120.000 euro.

The sale at Christie’s was not only felt by Hergé but many of the big names in COMICS, including the French Jean-Pierre Gibrat.

In total, the sale at Christie’s exceeded u.s. $ 3.21 million euros.



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