Soraya kissed live at Hanouna by Jean-Michel Mayor – Capture C8

notice ? the sanction ? The CSA should make Wednesday its decision on the gesture moved from Jean-Michel Mayor during the marathon on television, the “35-h Baba” : the 13 October, the columnist Cyril Hanouna had kissed him by surprise in the chest of an actress. The minister of women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, women’s associations and many of the viewers had entered the CSA about the sequence.

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” It is clear that a measure will be taken “

the day before the exam is scheduled for Wednesday, the president of the CSA has already set the tone : “It is clear that a measure will be taken “, said this on Tuesday, Olivier Schrameck. “I’m the part of humor, pastiche. But when there are abnormalities, overflows, which transform the distraction into debasement, it is legitimate to intervene “, he added.

the C8 has already been warned several times by the CSA “after overflow” in emissions of Cyril Hanouna, like the slap of a rapper JoeyStarr at one of the chroniclers.

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to the question : “Do you feel that the host you are looking for a little bit ? “the president of the CSA said :” The Council will decide tomorrow. But the question is clearly asked. “

The chain risk in a first time a formal notice and then a penalty if it recurrence.

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” the Rules relating to the respect for the rights of women “

” Three cases are currently being discussed in the CSA. Given the warnings that have been inflicted earlier, there is indeed a risk of punishment “, pointed out Olivier Schrameck, confirming that the sanctions could go up to fines or a suspension of the issuance.

” In the convention which has been signed by the string [to be aired on TNT], there are rules relating to the respect for the rights of women, ” said Olivier Schrameck.

The CFS has recorded 32 000 reports of viewers in 2016, a significant increase compared to the year 2015 and its 8 500 reports, according to the president of the CSA.

” We have made the effort to get in front of viewers by using social networks to disseminate our reporting, ” commented Olivier Schrameck. “There’s an increased focus, more self-confident to the action of the CSA. Viewers need an authority of reference “, he estimated.

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