Image from the generic the last two episodes of “Street of allocs”. – SCREEN CAPTURE/M6

New controversy for M6. Several voices were raised in Amiens (Are) – the mayor Brigitte Thicket is even split by a registered letter – for ask M6 to postpone the publication this Thursday of Street-allocs due to a tragedy that has cast a shadow on the quarter of Saint-Leu on 3 November. Four members of the same family, including two children, 18 months and 4 years, perished in a house fire. This has sparked a lively emotion among the inhabitants, approximately 900 people have attended the funeral last week.

” The family is very proven “

For some Amiénois, maintain the distribution of Street-allocs, ” it is the process of adding misfortune to the area suffering since August with a bad image “, as said the president of the committee of the district Saint-Leu, Christelle Waquet, Paris. “The family is very proven. She wanted a little respite; her sentence, ” said the mayor to the everyday inhabitant.

” The family is a victim of this tragedy never appears in the documentary “, she defends Matthew Bayle, the director of the programs unit, the external flow of M6 in the columns of the Paris before posting a message, tribute will be broadcast in episodes on Thursday.

A long list of grievances

This controversy is added to a (long) list of grievances, whose Street-Allocs is the target for several months. Its detractors accuses her of “sordid realism,” and of ” sensationalism “. The Fédération nationale des associations d’accueil et de réinsertion sociale (Fnars) was called in August the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) to intervene ” to stop the broadcast “. An application supported by Patrick Kanner, minister of the Town, who had tweeted after watching the first two episodes : “I join the initiative of the Fnars : prohibit indecency. Tonight, the misery was moral. “

The CSA had instructed a folder after having received several reports from viewers. In their decision, made at the beginning of October, the Sages have identified no “breach of M6 to its obligations,” while deploring a title ” with a pejorative connotation “.

A new sub-title, ” The mutual assistance in everyday life “

At the start, his series of documentaries chronicling the daily lives of the inhabitants of the quartier Saint-Leu, Amiens (Somme) in a precarious situation, was to be titled Zone-priority. The director, himself, would have preferred to road to unemployment : “What has been questioned, this is absolutely not the allocation system, but the consequences of unemployment,” explained Stéphane Working at the microphone of Europe 1 in August, a few hours of the broadcast of the first two episodes. He also declared that the purpose of the programme was “in no case” to say that some benefit from the system : “It is not fallen [on this situation] “.

The chain insists now with the media so that they use the new title of the program : Rue des allocs – The mutual assistance in everyday life. A addition supposed to reduce the dimension provoc’ of the title original and which will appear in the credits of the last two ” devoted to the solidarity and health “, which will be broadcast this Thursday night on M6. This has apparently not been sufficient to placate the spirits.

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